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NFL trade rumors: Vincent Jackson apparently drawing Chiefs interest

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One report states that the KC Chiefs have some interest in Bucs WR Vincent Jackson ahead of Tuesday's NFL trade deadline.

Chris Graythen

The NFL trade deadline is on Tuesday. I wrote earlier this week about why I did not think the Chiefs would pursue a wide receiver such as the Bucs' Vincent Jackson. wrote an article earlier this week about trades they want to see and included Jackson to the Chiefs, which is why you see Chiefs fans talking about this theoretical trade.

The Chiefs offense is complex and would take a while to learn, thus I don't see the urgency to trade for a receiver like Jackson, who is really expensive and would cost at least a second round pick in a trade, per reports.

Of course there's the other possibility here. The possibility that I am wrong and don't know what I'm talking about. According to NFL Network's Ian Rapoport, a number of teams are calling the Bucs about Vincent Jackson.

Including the Chiefs!

Why this makes sense

The Chiefs would obviously become a better team with Jackson. He is a big target for Alex Smith. Even if he wasn't used like other teams might use him, the Chiefs would get some value out of him. Who wouldn't like a No. 1 receiver?

Why this doesn't make sense

This rumor will get your hopes up, I'm sure. I still don't see the Chiefs making this move. ESPN's Adam Teicher has pointed out a few times this week that Jackson is 31 years old and has a Dwayne Bowe-esque contract. Few people seem to like Dwayne Bowe's contract. The Chiefs aren't swimming in cap room ($10.8 million). So they're going to add another one? I just can't see this happening.

Plus, do we know Alex Smith would throw to him enough to make a trade worth it? I'm not so sure.

Chances of it happening

I'm not expecting this to happen. I mean, it could. Sure. I just don't see it happening for the reasons I have listed. (Yes, of course I would love to be wrong)