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NFL trade deadline is coming, so let's talk about Chiefs QB Chase Daniel

Does Chase Daniel have any trade value for the Kansas City Chiefs? The answer is ... probably.

Jamie Squire

In an ESPN Insider piece on backup quarterbacks who could start next year, Adam Caplan reports that at least two teams "privately" discussed the idea of trading for Daniel earlier this year. The report does not state that they called the Chiefs or had any discussions with the Chiefs. So we are in the rumor mill with this one.

Daniel signed a 3-year, $10 million deal before the 2013 season so he has one more year left on his deal after this season.

Why a trade makes sense

Tyler Bray is currently on IR. If he has developed to the point where the Chiefs might be comfortable with him as the backup in 2015, this trade idea has some merit because the Chiefs are likely not going to keep four quarterbacks. They lucked out this year when Bray was hurt during the preseason. So, for me, this hinges on Bray's development and how comfortable the Chiefs are with him as the potential backup in 2015.

Why a trade doesn't make sense

I'm sure Chiefs fans would be interested in seeing what other teams would give up for him (as would I) but I'm not all that excited about the possibility of trading Daniel barring a high draft pick. While Smith hasn't missed a game yet due to injury, it's a very real possibility that will come at some point this year or next. The Chiefs are in one of the best divisions in football which means every game is extremely important for their playoff hopes. I just don't think that the mid-round or later draft pick you might get for Daniel would be worth what he could provide in a spot start or two. The position is just too important.

Daniel is a better bridge quarterback for the Chiefs than Aaron Murray or Bray right now. Again, we'll see how Bray develops but right now, Daniel has more potential value to the Chiefs than a mid-round draft pick. (I know plenty of you disagree with this -- let's hear it in the comments.)

What also factors into this is that the Chiefs are already sitting pretty with multiple compensatory picks expected in the 2015 NFL Draft. Another mid-round pick or later wouldn't be all that enticing to me compared to what Daniel could provide should he have to start a game (or multiple games) in the event of an injury.

Chances of it happening

Given Andy Reid's track record with flipping quarterbacks, this is a topic that will likely be revisited as we await the trade deadline. I wouldn't rule it out, especially if the Chiefs are comfortable with the development from Bray or Murray. The Chiefs are unlikely to keep four quarterbacks on the active roster next year so you have to a move will have to be made someplace.

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