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What adjustments do Kansas City Chiefs still need to make this season?

What adjustments are needed to make sure you are fighting for a playoff spot?

Let me tell you, Marshall, the Chiefs have made their adjustments and will continue to tweak what they're doing. I like the way Andy Reid has adjusted this season. There are still moves to be made past the halfway point of the season.

Here are two adjustments the Chiefs have already made this season:

1. Marcus Cooper was benched for Jamell Fleming. Cooper was getting picked on quite a bit so the Chiefs benched him last week in favor of little known Jamell Fleming. It was a risky move as Fleming had a rough start to the game but things slowed down for him a little hit. Fleming didn't play well enough to make it a slam dunk that he should have the job but it sounds like the Chiefs are going to continue rolling with him at cornerback.

2. The Chiefs are using more two tight end sets to accommodate their personnel. Travis Kelce still needs to play more but Reid, who is known for his 21 personnel (three receivers) has changed his approach. An old dog can learn new tricks. It seems like an easy decision to make considering how well Kelce has played but credit to Reid for adjusting what he does.

Here are two adjustments the Chiefs still need to make this season:

1. De'Anthony Thomas needs a bigger role. The Chiefs need to find a way to get him on the field more often. The biggest question here is if DAT can have a regular role in the offense rather than coming in just for plays designed for him. Can he be that full time slot receiver? The Chiefs are taking it slow with him. The reason he needs a larger role is because he is an explosive player. The Chiefs only have a couple of those players on the offense right now.

2. How the Chiefs adjust to Eric Berry's return. Ron Parker has been replacing him during Berry's injury and doing a nice job of it. How will the Chiefs adjust when Berry is finally healthy? I really don't know the answer to this one because the Chiefs do seem happy with the way Parker has been playing in his absence.

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