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Chiefs' Andy Reid watched the Royals while scouting the Rams

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Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It's tough not to pay attention to your neighbors, especially when those neighbors are in a nationally televised World Series game. The Kansas City Royals lost to the San Francisco Giants in Game 1 of the World Series on Tuesday, and Andy Reid stayed up to watch it.

Speaking to the media on Wednesday, Reid said that he watched the Royals game while scouting their Week 8 opponent the St. Louis Rams.

"Listen, I think it's awesome," Reid said when asked about the Royals (via quotes from the Chiefs). "I'm proud of the Royals and the job that they did this year and they're going to continue to do. I watched the game, I didn't go to the game. I had it on as I was watching tape of the Rams, but they're a good baseball team and they're well managed. They've got a good organization there. I know our players are friendly and Skipper over there I know. I'm pulling for them and wishing them the best."

Alex Smith did go to the game, and probably got a better deal on tickets than the mortgage payment Mrs. Arrowhead Pride and I dropped on our tickets.

"I've met a bunch of guys on the team," Smith said of the Royals. "We're so close here, kind of neighbors. Those guys have been out to a bunch of practices and vice versa, they've have had us up to some games and stuff. It's the World Series, special deal. Unfortunately, they didn't get the W, but baseball is weird. They've got the seven game series, so they have a chance to bounce back."