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Kansas City Royals TV ratings higher than any Chiefs game this season

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Jamie Squire

Nationally, the Giants-Royals World Series opener was a flop with one of the lowest TV ratings on record. In Kansas City, it was a huge hit.

The Royals TV ratings were higher in Kansas City than any Chiefs game this season, according to a report from Awful Announcing.

Kansas City led all markets, posting a 48.2/68, the best rating for World Series Game 1 in any market since 2007, while San Francisco registered a 29.3/50. Sacramento (23.0/37), St. Louis (13.3/20) and Las Vegas (11.1/19) rounded out the top five. The numbers for Game 1 in Kansas City were higher than any Chiefs game this season, to give you an idea of how crazy those numbers are.

Awful Announcing reported there were 12 million viewers for the Giants-Royals game. Read their report for more World Series TV details. National NFL games still outdraw that number but the number in Kansas City is indeed impressive.

Congrats to the Royals on capturing the city's attention! Now let's extend the series.