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Jamaal Charles saw 'light buzzes' on Brandon Flowers hit but doesn't think he had concussion

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Stephen Dunn

UPDATEChiefs trainers respond to this story here.

Jamaal Charles broke the Kansas City Chiefs all-time rushing record in the most spectacular fashion last Sunday against the San Diego Chargers. Taking a handoff, Charles ran to the right side of the field where he met a wall of defenders, cut back inside and then dove into the end zone where he was drilled by former Chiefs CB Brandon Flowers.

Take a look at the play:

Notice that hit he took. Flowers had to come out of the game but Charles did not. Speaking on the Dan LeBatard Show this week, Charles was asked about that hit and whether he received a concussion. Here is the exchange (H/T Sports Grid):

Q: Jamaal, how much did that hit hurt against San Diego this past weekend? It was a great play, maybe the best play of the weekend, but you leapt into the end zone and that guy decked you. How much did that hurt?

Jamaal: Man, it definitely hurt. A couple of plays later I just seen light buzzes around my eyes and I was just trying to catch them. But I was like I'm in the game, so alright let's get the ball and run it again.

Q: So you didn't have to go through any of the concussion protocol or any of that? You avoided that by running to the sidelines and just running away from the neurologist?

Jamaal: Definitely. I mean, I didn't have a concussion but it was definitely a hit that shocked me but I don't think I had to go through the concussion protocols and all that because, you know, I didn't want to go through that again, like what happened in the playoffs (last year). I was definitely fine. I think I came out pretty good.

Charles suffered a concussion early in the Chiefs playoff loss to the Colts last season. A few years ago this hit would have been dismissed as "shaking out the cobwebs" or something like that. These days, however, as we all learn more about concussions and the effect they have on a person's body, that is a scary statement to hear from Charles. I'm glad he's OK but I hope he doesn't ever have "light buzzes" again.

UPDATE: Chiefs say they checked Jamaal for a concussion, and will put him through the concussion protocol this week.