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Hard to see Kansas City Chiefs adding any notable WR help at NFL trade deadline

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This is why I don't see the Chiefs trading for a WR.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL trade deadline is coming next week, which means the fan bases for every team are going to analyze their team and see where they need the most help. For the Chiefs, receiver would be high on that list. even suggests the idea of trading Vincent Jackson to the Chiefs.

I don't see any receiver trades happening for the Chiefs year.

The Chiefs and their West Coast Offense is verbiage heavy, which makes the offense hard to learn quickly. Without any prior experience with it, it's a hell of a task to ask a receiver to come in and learn Reid's offense quickly. Chiefs receivers have told us before that Andy Reid has them learn all the receiver positions on the field. This is mainly the reason I don't see the Chiefs adding any receivers of note during the season -- it's hard to bring someone up to speed quickly enough to make an in-season trade worth it.

The receivers knowing every position on the field gives the Chiefs scheme versatility because you can run the same routes but move the personnel around, which makes it harder for the defense to track (and especially hard for the poor, poor blogger who tries to chart the personnel in those games).

So, yeah, the Chiefs DO need receiver help. That was obvious before the season. But I do don't see that receiver help coming until next year.

(Note: You know since I wrote this the Chiefs are now going to sign a free agent receiver and make a trade for another one, right?)