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Watch a Chiefs fan propose to his girlfriend at the Chargers game

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I received this email today and thought it was pretty cool so I am posting it. Reader Adam proposed at the Chiefs-Chargers game. Yes, there is video.

"Hey Joel. I have to say I visit Arrowhead Pride a couple of times a day and love what you guys do. I'm a die hard Chiefs fan til the day I die. I moved to San Diego six years ago so I haven't seen the Chiefs win here yet. That all changed on Sunday, and so did my life!

"Almost four years ago I met the love of my life here in San Diego and she being a native is a die hard Chargers fan (not many of those around) so Sundays have always been interesting around our household. She asks me when I'm going to marry her all the time my only answer has been "One of these days".

"Well Sunday was "one of these days". With a little help from some friends that work for the Chargers, I was able to put a proposal up on the scoreboard in the first quarter. With a little less than six minutes left in the first quarter the proposal popped up on the scoreboard and I dropped to one knee.

"There were no Chiefs fans around our seats -- just me in a big red No. 92 Poe jersey surrounded by Chargers fans -- but when she and every one else figured out what was going on there were nothing but cheers at that moment.

"She said YES and the crowd around us lit up as if I scored a game winning touchdown. This giant Chiefs fan scored a beautiful Chargers fan for the rest of my life! I have never been high fived or congratulated by so many Chargers fans. It was surreal.

"The first half was a bit of an emotional blur for us but we made it back to our seats after halftime and our section was still cheering for us. As the game wore on I saw some great football played. I watched BIG RED huff and puff, I watched Alex lead a two minute drill offense that lead to the second heart attack inducing moment of my day as Santos kicked the game winning field goal! The best day of my life!"