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Kansas City Chiefs schedule goes from toughest start to easiest finish

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Kevork Djansezian

NFL teams are always changing. Some teams that were great in the first month of the season are no longer great. And other teams who didn't look so hot early on (ahem, Chiefs) are looking better now.

So I say this understanding that the schedule is fluid but the Chiefs are going from the toughest start to a schedule in the AFC to the easiest finish in the AFC.

ESPN's Adam Teicher laid out the numbers:

Those teams are the Titans (2-5), Broncos (5-1), Dolphins (3-3), Patriots (5-2), 49ers (4-3) and Chargers (5-2). That's a hell of an early schedule -- as we all thought it would be. Plenty of people had the Chiefs are 2-4 at this point in their preseason predictions.

Now for the good news:

That's not to say the Chiefs schedule down the stretch is easy. It's still the NFL which means there are still tough games and you can lose to anyone. The Rams, Bills and Raiders (twice) all look like winnable games. But there are also games against the Seahawks, Chargers, Broncos and Cardinals. Those are all good teams.

This is not like the Chiefs 2013 schedule, which saw them start against easier opponents only to face the tough teams in the second half of the season.

Chiefs 2014 schedule

Week 1: Tennessee Titans (L 26-10)
Week 2: at Denver Broncos (L 24-17)
Week 3: at Miami Dolphins (W 34-15)
Week 4: New England Patriots (W 41-14)
Week 5: at San Francisco 49ers (L 22-17)
Week 6: ByeWeek 7: at San Diego Chargers (W 23-20)
Week 8: St. Louis Rams (Oct. 27, 12 p.m., Fox)
Week 9: New York Jets (Nov. 2, 12 p.m., CBS)
Week 10: at Buffalo Bills (Nov. 9, 12 p.m., CBS)
Week 11: Seattle Seahawks (Nov. 16, 12 p.m., Fox)
Week 12: at Oakland Raiders (Nov. 20, 7:25 p.m., NFLN) - TNF
Week 13: Denver Broncos (Nov. 30, 7:30 p.m., NBC) - SNF
Week 14: at Arizona Cardinals (Dec. 7, 3:05 p.m., CBS)
Week 15: Oakland Raiders (Dec. 14, 12 p.m, CBS)
Week 16: at Pittsburgh Steelers (Dec. 21, 12 p.m., CBS)
Week 17: San Diego Chargers (Dec. 28, 12 p.m., CBS)