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Andy Reid's advice to Alex Smith returning to San Francisco involves a cheesesteak

I could go for a good cheesesteak.

Wesley Hitt

When Andy Reid mentions cheeseburgers, we write about it. So it's only appropriate that we write about it when the Kansas City Chiefs coach mentions cheesesteaks.

Reid was asked on Wednesday about Alex Smith returning to San Francisco and what advice Reid would give him after he did the same thing last year in returning to Philly.

"What I did, I just ordered a cheesesteak and then went and coached," Reid said.

Big Red! There is no doubt Reid gives the media very, very little. But the flip side of that is that when he does joke around, it catches you off guard and it is hilarious.

Here is the rest of the answer:

"You focus in on what you do," Reid continued. "All the distractions, going home and all that - it doesn't mean anything. You're there to play the game and once you've said hi to your buddies it's over. You're playing the game, that's what you're doing. You've got to prepare and you've got to go through all the steps here on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. That's what it is, everything else is kind of fluff. Everybody talks about it but that's not what's real. The real is you get in the grind and get yourself ready to play a game."

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