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Chiefs not sure if Donald Stephenson will return to starting role right away

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Will Donald Stephenson return to his starting role at right tackle?

Timothy T. Ludwig-US PRESSWIRE

The Kansas City Chiefs are welcoming back RT Donald Stephenson, who was suspended the first four games of the season. Stephenson, as you know, was set to be the Chiefs starting right tackle. So will he return immediately to his starting role?

"We haven't talked about it, so I'll get with the coaches and see what they want to do," Stephenson said Wednesday, via quotes from the Chiefs.

Andy Reid said "not right now" when asked if Stephenson is the starter.

"He's gonna get himself back in the swing of things," Reid said. "He'll rotate in there during practice. He hasn't done any football for a month so we'll let him get acclimated here."

Stephenson said he stayed in shape while he was gone and is at his normal weight. Of course, to be in football shape you have to play football, which Stephenson hasn't done for four weeks.

This is a tough spot for Andy Reid. Stephenson, if healthy and ready, should be the best option at right tackle and should play against the 49ers. But what if Stephenson is a little rusty? Do the Chiefs want to send him out there against one of the best front sevens they'll face this season?

Complicating matters is that the Chiefs have put up 75 points in the last two games with their current offensive line. If there's an argument for continuity, that's it with Ryan Harris at right tackle.

Knowing Reid a little bit, I wouldn't be surprised if he isn't going to tell us who his starting right tackle will be before Sunday.