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Andy Reid on Chiefs kicker Cairo Santos: "He was due for an opportunity like this'

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The Chiefs kicker game through in the clutch with the game winning field goal.

Stephen Dunn

I wrote this during one of Cairo Santos' three field goals against the San Diego Chargers:

And I wrote it because it was true. I was holding my breath during each of Santos' field goals. Of course I was damn near about to pass out before he lined up for a 48-yard game winning field goal. Let's all be honest: we had some doubt Santos would make it.

But you know what? The kid drilled it. He nailed the 48-yard game winning field -- on the road -- against the NFL's hottest team. That's something to be proud of.

Santos took his licks early on this season when he started out 2 of 4. Since then he is 6 for 6. Andy Reid stood behind his kicker back then and he did so again on Sunday after he beat the Chargers.

"The kid won the job," Reid said of the competition between Santos and Ryan Succop. "I just felt like he was going to make it. He had a great week of practice kicking this week. He's made the most of the opportunities he's had over the past couple of games. He was due for an opportunity like this. He stepped up and did a heck of a job."

Here is video of the game winner from a fan in the stadium: