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Jamaal Charles sets Chiefs all-time rushing record, passes Priest Holmes

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A record-setting day for Jamaal Charles.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas City Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles just set the team's all-time franchise rushing record. Charles passed Priest Holmes, who had 6,070 yards in his career. While Holmes set the record in 19 less games, Charles averaged nearly a yard ore per carry than Holmes.

The way Charles set the record was just amazing. He had a dazzling 16-yard touchdown run that involved a terrific cut back and dive into the end zone. That run gave him the record.

1. Jamaal Charles (6,113)

2. Priest Holmes (6,070)

3. Larry Johnson (6,015)

4. Christian Okoye (4,897)

5. Ed Podolak (4,451)

Here is the play that Jamaal set the record on: