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Chiefs' Knile Davis hopes to be respected by defenses

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He's getting more respect this season.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Knile Davis is the No. 2 to the Kansas City Chiefs best player Jamaal Charles so we don't hear from him as much as perhaps we should. Davis describes himself as a "north and south runner with a little bit of wiggle", which is an accurate description.

The Chiefs website has a cool feature on Davis in this week's Under The Helmet interview. Here's what he said about why he plays the game.

"The reason I play the game is for respect," Davis said. "You have to respect me. You play good defenses that you have to respect. In return all I can ask for is the defense to respect me. They know I can go around them, go through them. It's just that respect. That's why I play the game."

The nice thing about Knile putting up a few 100-yard games is that defenses have him on tape and will have to pay attention to him when he is in the game. That's more valuable than the backup who sees two carries a game. Defenses have seen that he is capable of taking a lot of snaps in a game even when Jamaal Charles is playing which potentially makes the opponent's game planning more difficult.

If only Andy Reid would stick to the run consistently, you know? That's something nobody has ever said about Andy Reid.