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Chiefs-Chargers looks like a trap game with Chargers-Broncos next week

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The Chargers could be looking past the Chiefs and to the Broncos next week.

Donald Miralle

Notre Dame barely beat North Carolina last weekend as the Irish looked ahead to this Saturday's game of the year against Florida State. Notre Dame was a 17-point favorite yet won by just seven points. Notre Dame was looking ahead of North Carolina as they awaited the real challenge this season, the No. 1 Florida State Seminoles.

In the scenario above, the Chargers are Notre Dame, the Chiefs are North Carolina and the Broncos are Florida State. Let me explain...

The Chiefs and Chargers play this Sunday. That's a big game, especially for Kansas City's playoff chances. But the Chargers play the Broncos the following Thursday night. Any way you slice it, Chargers-Broncos is an even bigger game than Chiefs-Chargers. It's shaping up to be one of the top games of the year between two of the best teams in the NFL (5-1 and 4-1, respectively).

So the Chargers are in an easy "look ahead" position, where they might look past the Chiefs this Sunday and to the Broncos next Thursday. Some of you might use the term "trap game" for a scenario like this. The Broncos are the reigning AFC champs so it's not a stretch to think the Chargers are looking ahead to that game next week.

Unlike North Carolina in the example above, let's hope the Chiefs can pull off the win as the 'dog in the trap game and leave the Chargers looking*.

*Baseball term. See, I've got this Royals fan thing down.