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Chiefs injury report for Chargers week could make for some interesting secondary decisions

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It's the first injury report for Kansas City Chiefs and San Diego Chargers week. This is Wednesday's injury report.

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WR Donnie Avery (groin)

Avery had surgery two weeks ago so no surprise he is out. Others have been out for multiple weeks with his injury (sports hernia surgery). I will point out an interesting quote from Andy Reid on Monday. Someone asked about Avery and he confirmed that he was out this game and said, "He's out right now, but he's not, we haven't IR'ed him." Interesting to note that Reid mentioned IR as if that was a possibility. I'm just laying that out for you to brace yourself if this injury takes a little bit for him to come back from.

Did not practice

RB Cyrus Gray (hand)

CB Chris Owens (knee)

Owens is the one to worry about here. If he can't go he will cause some changes in the secondary for the Chiefs to find someone to take his nickel spot. If Eric Berry doesn't play then that's two members of the secondary the Chiefs will be down this week which is not good with Philip Rivers having a career year. I'm not optimistic about Owens playing if he is not on the practice field after more than a week off.

Limited practice

CB Sean Smith (groin)

S Eric Berry (ankle)

I have no idea if Berry, who hasn't played since Week 2, will play. Good luck interpreting Reid, who is a master of talking while saying nothing: "He's going to go through today's [practice], and I think we'll just, you know, see how he does. He came back and he felt good. So, I'm pretty good with him today and we'll see how it goes from there."

Smith has been on the injury report for a few weeks now but it hasn't been keeping him off the field. I will note that 49ers WR Brandon Lloyd, who was covered by Smith in Week 5, thought Smith was hurt and told Colin Kaepernick to go to him. Interesting.

Full practice

CB Phillip Gaines (concussion)

If Owens can not play, Gaines could be counted on to play more snaps on defense. He has been strong on special teams lately but hasn't made much of an impact on defense. Injuries could force the Chiefs hand there.