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It's a great time to be from Kansas City

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Indeed it is.

Jamie Squire

The Royals completed another sweep last night, this time in the ALCS and secured a spot in the World Series. <---- That's a sentence I never thought I'd write.

I'm from Kansas City. Grew up here my entire life and grew up going to Royals and Chiefs games. Probably more Royals games than Chiefs games because they used to sell those $5 tickets to Royals games. That's how bad they were for so long -- $5 tickets!

My first love is football and the Chiefs and that's not changing. But I'm not sure I remember a period where the Chiefs captivated the country the way the Royals have now. Probably that's because the Chiefs haven't had a stretch of terrible-ness (is that a word) like the Royals have had over the last 20-plus years. But still. Everyone loves the underdog and the Royals are such a lovable team.

I'm extremely jealous of the Royals fans who stuck around all those years. Someday, the Chiefs time is coming and it will be glorious. The Royals haven't won a title since 1985; the Chiefs haven't won one since 1969 when Old Man Thorman was driving that old Chevy he still talks about to this day.

It's amazing time to be from Kansas City or to be a fan of any sports in Kansas City.