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NFL picks Week 7: Predicting Chiefs vs. Chargers and all other games

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The Chiefs come off the bye, ready to play their biggest game of the year to date.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

The Kansas City Chiefs are done with their week off and now gear up for the San Diego Chargers. The Chiefs sit at 2-3 but are in great shape if they can beat Philip Rivers and the Chargers.

San Diego has been one of the best teams in the league this season, showcasing a powerful offense and a resourceful defense. However, the Chargers have not beaten a quality team in the last month, so this is somewhat a prove-it game for them as well.

So, can Kansas City get the job done? Let's go to the experts (By the way, my record for the season is better than anybody at ESPN. Take that Bristol, take that!!!).

Kansas City Chiefs at San Diego Chargers (-4)

Matt Verderame: Chiefs 34, Chargers 23

This entire prediction is riding on Andy Reid giving Jamaal Charles and Knile Davis a combined total of 35 touches at minimum. I don't believe San Diego can handle this rushing attack, especially considering the Chiefs have run over better fronts such as San Francisco, Miami and New England.

Rivers will throw for yardage but I believe Kansas City's defense will be stout. Since halftime of the Week 2 contest at Denver, the Chiefs have allowed one touchdown that required a drive of 20 or more yards, not including garbage time. This unit is severely underrated, and I think the trio of Dontari Poe, Justin Houston and Tamba Hali will make their impact felt in a big way.

Matt Conner: Chargers 30, Chiefs 20

Philip Rivers is good. Really, really good.

Clay Wendler: Chargers 34, Chiefs 21

Chiefs defense has no answer for Philip Rivers.

Seth Keysor: Chiefs 27, Chargers 24

A couple of weeks ago I would've given this one to the Chargers. But the Chiefs have destroyed New England (who then proceeded to destroy the Bengals and handily beat the Bills), beat the Dolphins pretty handily, and taken two Super Bowl contenders to the wire in their house. Rivers scares me, but the rest of the Chargers don't. They play the Seahawks better than anyone for some reason, but outside that don't have a single genuinely impressive game on their record.

Joel Thorman: Chargers 27, Chiefs 24

The Chargers might not be as good as their record suggests considering they have wins over the Raiders and Jaguars. But their offense is too much for the Chiefs right now, especially with Eric Berry's status in question.

New York Jets at New England Patriots (-9.5)

The Patriots are a much better team than the Jets, and the gap in quarterback play is laughably massive. Add that New York is going on the road in a short week, and it is going to be a beating. Also, I found a disturbing clip of every Jets fans reaction to kickoff time every Sunday.

Pick: Patriots 24, Jets 13

Atlanta Falcons at Baltimore Ravens (-7.5)

Baltimore has a really potent offense with Steve Smith and Torrey Smith on the outside. Joe Flacco is having a career year, and even Justin Forsett is playing well out of the backfield. Meanwhile, Atlanta's defense is the epitome of keystone cops.

Pick: Ravens 34, Falcons 19

Minnesota Vikings at Buffalo Bills (-7)

I'm not a huge believer in the Bills, but they are a solid home team and better than the Vikings. Over the last two weeks, Minnesota has been terrible offensively. Teddy Bridgewater has shown promise, but the offense simply has no punch without Adrian Peterson. If Kyle Orton doesn't screw it up, Buffalo wins.

Pick: Bills 23, Vikings 17

Miami Dolphins at Chicago Bears (-3)

The Bears are a tough team to figure. On one hand, they have looked like crap against the Bills and Packers, but have beaten the Falcons in the Georgia Dome and the 49ers on primetime. Chicago has excellent receivers in Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery, and I think that is enough here.

Pick: Bears 27, Dolphins 23

New Orleans Saints at Detroit Lions (-2.5)

How are the Lions favored by less than the token three points that home teams receive? Detroit could be without Calvin Johnson, but the Saints will be without Jimmy Graham. New Orleans is terrible, proven by its awful performance every game this season. Look for a romp and subsequent bewilderment by experts who picked the Saints.

Pick: Lions 31, Saints 20

Carolina Panthers at Green Bay Packers (-7.5)

Green Bay came away with a thrilling victory over the Dolphins in Week 6 and should continue the good vibes this week. After having a lights-out defense last season, the Panthers are a total mess on that side of the ball in 2014. Additionally, Carolina simply does not have the offense to score enough week in and week out. Look for Aaron Rodgers to have a big day.

Pick: Packers 28, Panthers 23

Cincinnati Bengals at Indianapolis Colts (-3)

The Bengals are all about appearing to be a Super Bowl contender. Then people begin to believe in them, and they turn into a bumbling group of stooges. How could Cincinnati tie at home to Carolina, a very limited offensive team, despite scoring 37 points? I don't trust Andy Dalton and Marvin Lewis. I certainly trust Andrew Luck.

Pick: Colts 27, Bengals 20

Cleveland Browns (-7) at Jacksonville Jaguars

The Browns are not going to be a playoff team because their schedule is brutal down the stretch and the AFC North has no patsies. However, Cleveland is vastly improved and going to pound Jacksonville, who can't seem to gain any steam. The Jaguars have no identity and are basically stuck hoping that Blake Bortles turns into gold.

Pick: Browns 30, Jaguars 17

Seattle Seahawks (-7.5) at St. Louis Rams

St. Louis generally plays tough against divisional opponents, but this is a brutal spot. The problem is, the Rams have no weapons on offense and have generated only one sack all season. The Seahawks are also coming off a loss at home and are likely in a very poor mood.

Pick: Seahawks 31, Rams 10

Tennessee Titans at Washington (-5.5)

Both of these teams are dealing with quarterback injuries and bad rosters. I can't envision a scenario where either becomes relevant in the playoff picture, so I'll keep this short and sweet. Take the better quarterback and the home team.

Pick: Washington 20, Titans 17

New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys (-7)

The Cowboys made me a believer last week with their win over Seattle. On the other hand, the Giants were completely run over by the Eagles in every conceivable way on Sunday Night Football. There is no reason to believe Dallas won't win again.

Pick: Cowboys 27, Giants 17

Arizona Cardinals (-3) at Oakland Raiders

The Raiders really played well last week, led by impressive rookie quarterback Derek Carr. However, the Cardinals are a solid team on both sides of the ball and can't afford to slip up in such a competitive division. I believe Oakland will keep it close but fail to close late.

Pick: Cardinals 23, Raiders 19

San Francisco 49ers at Denver Broncos (-7)

Believe me, I want to pick the 49ers. San Francisco will be able to run the ball in this game and the defense will give Peyton Manning some issues. The problem is, Denver has a litany of firepower on the outside, a place where San Francisco is weak. At some point, Colin Kaepernick will need to consistently make plays down the field. I don't think he can.

Pick: Broncos 27, 49ers 23        *GAME OF THE WEEK*

Houston Texans at Pittsburgh Steelers (-3)

These two teams are dead even. Pittsburgh has a better coach and quarterback, but the defense is a mess and the offensive coordinator is under serious fire. Houston's defense is led by the unbeatable J.J. Watt, but is he enough here? Not on the road.

Pick: Steelers 20, Texans 16

Last Week: 13-2
Season: 64-27