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Kansas City Chiefs sign former Dallas Cowboys LB Orie Lemon to practice squad

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The Chiefs new linebacker is Orie Lemon.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs lost a linebacker on the practice squad earlier on Wednesday when the Cincinnati Bengals signed Nico Johnson. Now they gain another linebacker with the team adding Orie Lemon to the practice squad.

"I thought Orie was a smart kid and moved around pretty good," Andy Reid said Wednesday. "This gives him an opportunity to get himself back in and playing. We'll see how he does."

Lemon will replace Johnson's practice squad spot so the Chiefs are back to the maximum 10 players on the practice squad.

If the name Orie Lemon sounds familiar then you follow the Chiefs closely. Lemon briefly spent some time with the Chiefs in the 2013 offseason. He went down with the final cuts that year. So he has some familiarity with the Chiefs defense under Bob Sutton. Maybe that comes in handy if the team needs an emergency inside linebacker one week.

Lemon entered the league in 2011 with the Cowboys then went to Kansas City then Arizona and back to Dallas before coming back to Kansas City again.