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Chiefs vs. Chargers 2014: Will Brandon Flowers play with his injury?

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The former Chief has an injury.

Tom Szczerbowski

The Kansas City Chiefs are set to face their old pal Brandon Flowers against the Chargers on Sunday in San Diego. Except it's no sure thing that Flowers will be playing.

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, Flowers' status is in question after he left last week's Chargers-Raiders game with a groin injury. The injury is "not too bad"  but the report states his status for Sunday will be determined over the coming days.

For the Chiefs, the absence of Flowers would be very nice. He's playing well this year, as you can see.

For Chiefs fans, it would be bittersweet. Even though I still like Flowers, it would be nice to see the Chiefs beat one of their former players. I'm not sure if it would be any sort of vindication because each side had their reasons for wanting to move on. But still, beating a former player is better than not beating a former player.

If Flowers doesn't play, the next opportunity for the Chiefs to see him would be in Week 17.