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Kansas City Chiefs are underdogs vs. Chargers in San Diego

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The KC Chiefs are 'dogs in San Diego.

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Once again, the Kansas City Chiefs are underdogs entering a game. The Chiefs play the San Diego Chargers in Week 7 and they are 4-point underdogs in the game. The line opened at 5.5 points.

That line is ... interesting. I say that because the Chargers are arguably the hottest team in the NFL right now. They have won five in a row and Philip Rivers is putting up terrific numbers. Power rankings around the league are putting them in the top three, and deservedly so. They're facing a Chiefs team that is 2-3 and hasn't won in San Diego in over six years.

If you're looking at this game on paper, the Chargers seem like they should be more than a 4-point favorite.

The thing I keep coming back to with the Chiefs is that they don't get blown out very often. They play close games. There were two games last year the Chiefs lost by 10 points or more. One was against the Broncos (10 points), who would go onto the Super Bowl and the other was the regular season game against the Colts (16 points), who would later beat the Chiefs in the Wild Card playoff game. Then there was the Titans game this year (16 points), which seems like such an outlier at this point.

So history says the Chiefs will lose to the Chargers because they haven't won in their last six trips to San Diego. History also says the Chiefs could keep this one close.

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