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Kansas City Chiefs work out a pair of tight ends

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The KC Chiefs are keeping their contact list fresh.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Before the season last year I said that tight end looked like one of the Kansas City Chiefs deepest positions. Later in the year when the Chiefs were starting Sean McGrath while Anthony Fasano and Travis Kelce were hurt you started to realize how dumb of a statement that was.

You're always an injury away from a position going from deep to thin. The Chiefs are in their bye week and are preparing for anything that might come up. According to ESPN's Adam Caplan, the Chiefs worked out free agent tight ends Mike Flacco and Brandon Barden.

Yes, that is the Flacco name you're thinking of. Mike is the brother of Joe, the quarterback of the Ravens. (Is Mike Flacco E-L-I-T-E like Joe?!) Mike played baseball before entering the NFL Draft so he is already 27 years old. The Chiefs, unfortunately, do not play the Ravens this year so there will be no 2014 Flacco Bowl even if the Chiefs did sign him.

Meanwhile, Brandon Braden is a 6'5, 246-pound tight end out of Vanderbilt. He's spent time with the Tennessee Titans and Jacksonville Jaguars after going undrafted in 2012.

The Chiefs cut two players from the practice squad earlier this week, including tight end Justin Jones, and signed just one other so they do have an open spot on the practice squad should they choose to sign one. The Chiefs are probably going to need a developmental tight end on the roster or the practice squad should someone (like Demetrius Harris) go down in the middle of the week and a replacement is needed quickly.