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Now President Obama is talking about KC: 'It's a pretty good day to be from Kansas City"

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Yes, the President of the United States mentioned the Kansas City Royals and Chiefs and Sporting KC.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

It IS a great day to be from Kansas City, Mr. President.

In addition to the Chiefs crushing the Patriots on national TV Monday night, the Royals made an incredible comeback to beat the Athletics in the MLB Wild Card game at Kauffman Stadium on Tuesday night.

Naturally, Barack Obama has chimed in on this.

Obama was hosting defending MLS champion Sporting KC at the White House today -- talk about a 3-day stretch for this city! -- and had this to say about our fine city:

"Now my press secretary Josh Earnest is from Kansas City," Obama said. "He has made the observation that the Royals are advancing and that the Chiefs made the Patriots look kind of bad on Monday night. So clearly something is going on in Kansas City. Apparently these guys (Sporting KC) are the ones who got it all started, who got the ball rolling. It's a pretty good day to be from Kansas City. You guys are feeling kind of cocky right now."

The President, ya'll.

Obama's full comments come shortly after he is introduced. Click ahead to about 28:30 here.