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Kansas City Chiefs enter San Francisco 49ers week as underdogs once again

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The Chiefs are 6-point 'dogs entering the 49ers game.

Noah Graham

The Kansas City Chiefs have not been favored since Week 1 and may not be favored again until Week 8. Entering Week 5, the KC Chiefs are 6-point underdogs against the 49ers in San Francisco. Some outlets have the line as high as seven points. This according to this week's NFL odds.

The 49ers are obviously a good team. They've won a lot of games and have good players and a good coaching staff. The Chiefs, however, are playing at a very high level. If we get the Chiefs we have seen over the last three weeks, this line is simply too high. The Chiefs are playing well enough that they're not going to get blown out if they continue down this road.

If we get the Chiefs we saw in Week 1, this line should be at about 25 points. Through three weeks of the season, that Week 1 game against the Tennessee Titans continues to look like an outlier. It does not look like many of the games we saw from the 2013 Chiefs, which is immediately what I thought after that game.

The 49ers present their own set of issues. The Chiefs offensive line has been good enough the past few weeks but they are facing one of their toughest tasks on Sunday in San Francisco against the 49ers front seven, which many consider to be one of the finest in football.

I made it this far and I didn't even mention Alex Smith's return. Maybe we'll let everyone else take care of that this week.