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Which skill would Chiefs fans take from Colin Kaepernick and give to Alex Smith?

Which skill would Kansas City Chiefs fans take from San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick and give to Chiefs QB Alex Smith?

What skill would I take from Colin Kaepernick and give to Alex Smith?

The first thing you'll think of is Kap's running ability. He is an athletic quarterback who has the ability to beat you with his feet. Not everyone will realize this but Alex Smith is actually very athletic and very good running the ball. He was one of the top running quarterbacks last season. In fact, Kap rushed for only 93 more yards than Smith last season, and they both ended with the same yards per rush (5.7). Smith has good wheels.

What I want from Kap is his arm strength. The incredible power he puts on the ball even when he's running out of the pocket is extremely impressive. I almost wonder though if Smith had more arm strength, while it would lead to bigger offensive plays, it might also lead to him taking more chances and thus more turnovers. If the exchange here is more big plays, it's a fair trade off.

What skill would you take from Kaepernick?

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