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Names to remember in the Kansas City Chiefs 2014 offseason planning

The Chiefs will return a few injured players from last season that could factor into the 2014 offseason planning.

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As we look at how the Kansas City Chiefs ended their 2013 season, we'll begin to assess their needs for 2014 and beyond. Certainly, two positions that will come up are receiver and safety. We'll talk about who they should sign in free agency or who they should draft to fill those needs.

There are a couple of names Chiefs fans should remember when it comes to those positions. Safety Sanders Commings, drafted last April in the fifth round by GM John Dorsey, barely played because he was on short-term and then long-term IR. He will be back in the fold next season. Then there's Travis Kelce, a tight end who ended the season on IR, who hopes to be a nice target over the middle of the field for Alex Smith next season. Kelce had a knee injury which has still left his status in somewhat limbo.

There are obviously loads of questions with those two players considering we haven't seen them play much at all in meaningful games. Maybe neither of them stays healthy next season. Or maybe they both come back and lock down starting jobs. We just don't know, but that's part of the fun.

They must be in the conversation when we're talking about the Chiefs needs moving into next season. I'm not saying the Chiefs need to avoid signing a free agent or drafting someone because Commings or Kelce are there -- after all, they haven't done anything in the league yet -- but you have to consider that a team's draft picks are likely going to be given an opportunity at some point. Successful teams have players from the lower rungs step up (Marcus Cooper for a stretch), which is beneficial because it's lots of production for little money.

Other players who ended the season on IR (some earlier than others):

TE Demetrius Harris
G Ricky Henry
LB James-Michael Johnson
WR Kyle Williams (2014 free agent)

It's Game Time.

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