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The silver lining in the Kansas City Chiefs loss

The Chiefs stunk up the joint on Saturday, giving up a lead of epic proportions. Still, one man can't be blamed.

Rob Carr

Another postseason, another one-and-done for the Kansas City Chiefs.

True, this one was an absolute kick to the groin. The Chiefs actually out-Chiefed themselves, blowing a 28-point lead in the third quarter. All that said, there was one massive silver lining to this disaster.

Alex Smith is more than capable. He's the quarterback of our future.

Smith was simply brilliant on Saturday, throwing for a career-high 378 yards with four touchdowns and no interceptions. Even beyond that, Smith ran for 57 yards, constantly keeping drives and plays alive. Most incredibly, he did all of this without Jamaal Charles on the road in a playoff game.

Yet, somehow, some want to blame him for the loss because of a missed pass to Cyrus Gray. Those people are so lost, I'm actually embarrassed for them. Anyone who actually thinks Smith - who led an offense without Charles to 44 points - is the reason for this defeat, is simply dedicated to hating the man.

Ultimately, Smith was let down by one of the worst defensive performances - by both the players and coordinator - in NFL history. When you are up by 28 points in the third quarter, you blitz constantly and take away the time of the opposing quarterback. Instead, Bob Sutton never blitzed, and watched as his players got destroyed repeatedly and predictably.

If I was Andy Reid, I would be thinking long and hard about Bob Sutton's future in Kansas City.

We have yet to see one adjustment from him since the bye week. It's a disgrace with all that talent to let up 30 points in a game, let alone 45 without trying something, anything different.

Ultimately though, the players are directly responsible. Dunta Robinson can't guard a cardboard cutout at this point. Kendrick Lewis is simply not very good. Why Sutton did not try Ron Parker, who came in for one play and successfully blitzed, I will never understand.

All of this leads me back to Smith. Despite this absolute crap-fest breaking out around him, the Chiefs quarterback kept his poise and continuously drove Kansas City into scoring range. Without Smith, the Chiefs lose by 20-plus points.

To bring this full circle, let me ask those of you who blame Smith the following:

If Smith hits Gray for an easy touchdown, that is the difference of four points correct? Considering Kansas City hit a field goal on the drive, that is how my math plays out. So, logic says that if Smith makes that throw to a third-string running back he has never practiced with in his life, that makes the score 48-45 Chiefs.

So, we have established that Smith cost Kansas City four points. How many points did the defense cost them on the final five Colts drives of the game? The answer would be 35.

Seems like some pretty simple math to me.

Smith played his heart out. The defense tore it out.

It's Game Time.

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