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Chris and Joel's Chiefs-Colts chat transcript

A transcript of the chat between the Arrowhead Pride managers during the Chiefs playoff loss to the Colts.

Rob Carr

Like you on the Arrowhead Pride game day open threads, Chris and I regularly chat during the Chiefs games. Since we're managing the site at the same time, we do this over Google chat.

What we have below us is a copy of that transcript from the Colts game. This is how we operate on game days to manage your favorite neighborhood Chiefs blog. If you ever wondered if we were actually fans, I believe you can see a single tear following some of my chats near the end.

Here it is, starting before the game...

Warning: Gratuitous use of the F-word below. Don't read if that's not your thing. Also, Mom, don't read this one.

Joel: white on white?

Chris: ?

Joel: white jerseys on white pants possibly

Chris: man I just don't know about today's game
Not expecting to win really

Joel: i am
i think they will

Chris: I mean they can
I won't be surprised per se

Joel: you see AP's mentions
just going crazy

Chris: yeah


Joel: ok let's do this thing
i think they can win

Chris: concussion? probably

Joel: i dont know

Chris: yes yes yes yes!!!!!

Joel: fuck yes

Chris: charles is done
I'm guessing in the locker room
not good
oh shit

Joel: Bowe
fuck yes

Chris: jamaal is questionable btw
may be worth a tweet

Joel: officially, where?

Chris: just saw it on tv
oh fuck

were doing it
they're gonna win

Chris: your tweets are blowing up
holy shit

Joel: wowowowowoowowoww

Chris: longest pass play of smith's career
Dear lord! what a play
what a play
charles out

Joel: yep

Chris: alex smith
this is amazing
7294 days since the chiefs last won a playoff game
come on
should be sack and pick

Joel: am I behind?!?

Chris: seems like it
taking winston out real quick

Joel: ok



Chris: wowwowwow

Joel: File this away

Chris: TD TD TD
donnie avery being evaluated for concussion

Chris: ugh picked???
oh shit
what the fuck
what the fuck
god no
I'm so nervous
its going to come down to a succop kick
I can't deal with that

Joel: yes
fuck me
good god this is too much
did this just fucking happen
what the fuck
this shit is cursed

Chris: fuck
fuck me

Joel: I need to take a little break

Chris: cool