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Chiefs-Colts final score: KC blows 28-point lead, lose 8th straight playoff game, 45-44

The Chiefs blew a 28-point lead to the Colts and lost their Wild Card round playoff game. The final score was 45-44. This is the Chiefs 8th consecutive playoff loss and it is very heartbreaking. Read on for our recap of the game.

Rob Carr


Chiefs 1st drive: Touchdown (Chiefs lead 7-0)

Jamaal Charles runs like a tough back and picks up a first down on his first two carries.

Dwayne Bowe converts another first down with a slant over the middle.

Alex Smith, who set the Chiefs single-season record for QB rushing yards this season, ran for 16 yards and a first down to the Chiefs 45-yard line.

Jamaal Charles took a handoff to the right and went down with an injury. He has been ruled out of the game.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

On 1st-and-goal, the refs missed a pass interference against the Colts in the end zone.

On 2nd-and-goal, Alex Smith is pressured and throws it just beyond Donnie Avery's reach.

SCORE: On 3rd-and-goal, Smith hit Dwayne Bowe on a slant for the 6-yard touchdown. Chiefs lead, 7-0.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Colts 1st drive: Touchdown (Tie game, 7-7)

Andrew Luck hit TY Hilton on three consecutive plays.

SCORE: Luck hit Hilton from 10 yards out for a touchdown. Tie game, 7-7.

Luck was 7-on-7 passing on the drive.

Chiefs 2nd drive: Field goal (Chiefs lead 10-7)

The Chiefs are bailed out with a defensive penalty, giving them a first down.

Smith hit Bowe on a slant and Bowe broke the first tackle and took it 63 yards to the 2-yard line.

The Chiefs are denied on three straight plays from the 2-yard line, including two runs by Knile Davis.

SCORE: Ryan Succop connected on a 19-yard field goal. Chiefs lead 10-7.

Colts 2nd drive: Punt

The Colts finally run the ball with under a minute left in the first.

On consecutive plays, Tamba Hali and Justin Houston collapsed the pocket to hit Andrew Luck as he threw and then Luck was pressured again and his pass was tipped. Chiefs force a punt.


Chiefs 3rd drive: Touchdown (Chiefs lead 17-7)

Smith started the drive with two straight incompletions.

SCORE: On third down, Smith stepped up in the pocket to avoid the rush and threw a bomb to a wide open Donnie Avery for a 79-yard touchdown. Chiefs lead 17-7.

Colts 3rd drive: Turnover

TURNOVER! Trent Richardson drops the ball and Justin Houston recovers it.

Chiefs 4th drive: Touchdown (Chiefs lead 24-7)

Chiefs start on the 17-yard line.

Knile Davis runs 13 yards to bring it to the 4-yard line.

SCORE: Smith scrambles to the left and sends a shovel pass to FB Anthony Sherman for the TD. Chiefs lead 24-7.

Colts 4th drive: Field goal (Chiefs lead 24-10)

Colts WR TY Hilton went down with an injury.

Colts go for it on 4th-and-inches. Luck keeps it on a zone read and completely fakes everyone out for a 21-yard gain.

SCORE: The Colts kick a 37-yard field goal.

Chiefs 5th drive: Touchdown (Chiefs lead 31-10)

Smith picked up a 3rd-and-1 with a keeper to the right.

Smith hit Anthony Fasano on a tight end middle screen for a first down.

Chiefs faced a 3rd-and-5 and Smith hit DMC for a first down, which pushed the Chiefs into field goal range.

Smith's second shovel pass went to Davis.

On a 3rd-and-7, Smith ran up the middle and dove for a first down. I'm losing count of how many big plays he's made.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

SCORE: Davis punched it in from four yards out for the touchdown. Chiefs lead 31-10.

Colts 5th drive: Turnover

Luck hit Hilton for a gain of 22 yards with just under a minute left in the game.

TURNOVER: Brandon Flowers picked off Luck at the Colts 45-yard line.

Chiefs 6th drive: Halftime

The Chiefs run two plays before halftime.



Colts 6th drive: Turnover

TURNOVER: Luck throws it to Husain Abdullah. That's two interceptions on his last two passes.

Chiefs 7th drive: Touchdown (Chiefs lead 38-10)

Chiefs start on the 21-yard line after the turnover.

SCORE: Smith rolls to the right and finds Davis for a 10-yard TD pass. Chiefs lead 38-10.

Colts 7th drive: Touchdown (Chiefs lead 38-17)

The Colts start moving the ball more, picking up consecutive first downs.

Luck threw a 46-yard bomb to Da'Rick Rogers to put the Colts in the red zone.

SCORE: Donald Brown punched it in for the touchdown. Chiefs lead 38-17.

Chiefs 8th drive: Turnover

Chiefs picked up back-to-back first downs with passes to Junior Hemingway and Davis.

Donnie Avery suffered a concussion earlier in the game and has been ruled out.

TURNOVER: Smith was hit from behind and fumbled the ball. The Colts recovered the ball. The refs had to review the play to see whether the Colts player had possession of the ball before going out of bounds.

Colts 8th drive: Touchdown (Chiefs lead 38-24)

Colts start at the Chiefs 41-yard line.

Luck hit Hilton on two consecutive plays to move the Colts to the 22-yard line.

Luck drilled a Colts WR to move them down to the 5-yard line.

SCORE: Donald Brown scored the short touchdown. Chiefs lead 38-24.

Chiefs fans start to get nervous again as the Colts score back-to-back touchdowns.

Chiefs 9th drive: Punt

Junior Hemingway goes down with an injury on the kickoff return.

Chiefs punt for the first time on the day.

Colts 9th drive: Turnover

TURNOVER: Abdullah steps into a Luck pass for the interception, his second of the day.

Chiefs 10th drive: Field goal (Chiefs lead 41-24)

Chiefs can't do anything quickly.

SCORE: Succop kicks the 42-yard field goal. Chiefs lead 41-24.

Colts 10th drive: Touchdown (Chiefs lead 41-31)

Luck found Donald Brown for 25 yards and then Brazill for 30 yards on the next play.

SCORE: Luck hits Fleener for the TD. Chiefs lead 41-31.

Chiefs 11th drive: Punt

On the first play, Smith went deep to Bowe for 21 yards.

Smith picked up a first down with his run. He now has 57 yards rushing.

The Chiefs pick up a defensive holding call as Smith tries to hit Anthony Fasano.


Smith missed a wide open Cyrus Gray that would have been a touchdown.

The Chiefs punt it away.

Colts 11th drive: Touchdown (Chiefs lead 41-38)

Luck completed three passes to Hilton to move the Colts inside the red zone.

SCORE: Brown fumbled the ball on the goal line, but Luck picked it up and dove in the end zone. Chiefs lead 41-38.

Chiefs 12th drive: Field goal (Chiefs lead 44-38)

Knile Davis goes down with an injury.

On 3rd-and-5, Bowe picks up the key first down.

On 3rd-and-7, Smith his AJ Jenkins for a 27-yard gain.

The Chiefs used two timeouts in three plays on this drive.

SCORE: Succop kicks the 43-yard field goal. Chiefs lead 44-38

Colts 12th drive: Touchdown (Colts lead 45-38)

Colts enter this drive down 44-38 with 5:36 to play.

SCORE: Luck hit Hilton from 64 yards out to give the Colts the lead. Colts lead 45-38.

Chiefs 13th drive: Turnover on downs

Smith starts the drive with a 25-yard strike to Bowe. He follows that up with a 13-yard pass to Bowe.

Smith is hit with an intentional grounding bringing up a 3rd-and-17.

DMC picks up 6 yards on 3rd-and-17.

D-Bowe is out of bounds on fourth down. Ball game.


Colts 13th drive: Victory formation


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