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Nightmares: Video of Chiefs last 7 playoff losses

I came across this footage of the Chiefs last seven playoff games, all of which have been have losses. The title of the video posted on YouTube says it all: "Look the devil in the eye!"

The video contains footage of the following games:

1993 AFC Championship game vs. Bills, 30-13
1994 Wild Card round vs. Dolphins, 27-17
1995 Divisional round vs. Colts, 10-7
1997 Divisional round vs. Broncos, 14-10
2003 Divisional round vs. Colts, 38-31
2006 Wild Card round vs. Colts, 23-8
2010 Wild Card round vs. Ravens, 30-7

Let's hope that we're not adding 2013 Wild Card round vs. Colts to the list.

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