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Which Kansas City Chief do you want to play forever?

Turn a player into a robot and make him play forever. Which player would that be?

Jamie Squire

If you could pick one Kansas City Chiefs player to become a robot, maintain his current skills and play forever, who would it be?

This is the non-Jamaal Charles edition of this question. Because everyone would pick Jamaal Charles if they were answering this question truthfully. Jamaal can operate in a high volume passing attack as he demonstrated last season or he can flourish in a run-first attack as he demonstrated in the Todd Haley / Romeo Crennel years. So we know your first answer is Jamaal.

What would your second answer be?

For me, it's Justin Houston. The most important thing besides the guy throwing the ball is the guy who is sacking the guy throwing the ball. A very, very close call with Tamba Hali. Truthfully, I started to type Tamba's name first then stopped, backed up and went with Houston. But it's that close.

Having a great pass rush will never get old and having two potentially dominant pass rushers is something that's a huge luxury for the Chiefs, especially when playing in Bob Sutton's defense.

I considered Derrick Johnson but I'm not sure his position is high-impact enough to choose him over one of the pass rushers. And I also considered Dwayne Bowe but he doesn't always make a significant impact in games. Eric Berry was considered but he's still behind Hali and Houston for me.

It's Game Time.

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