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Kansas City Chiefs are in the top 10 for 2015 Super Bowl odds

The Kansas City Chiefs are in the top 10 for the best 2015 Super Bowl odds.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs 2014 Super Bowl odds are ... zero. They've already been eliminated. Their prospects in the 2015 Super Bowl look much better.

Pro Football Talk recently posted the 2015 Super Bowl odds via William Hill U.S. The Chiefs are in the top 10 as far as those odds for next season's Super Bowl goes. Check it out:

5-1: Broncos, 49ers, Seahawks.
12-1: Packers, Patriots, Saints.
20-1: Eagles.
22-1: Bengals, Chiefs, Panthers.
25-1: Colts, Steelers.

Putting the Chiefs in the same boat as the Bengals and Panthers? Sounds about right. Both good teams who can win games in the regular season but haven't done diddly poo in the playoffs. The Eagles are just ahead of the Chiefs while the Colts and Steelers are just behind them. I gotta say, I am surprised to see that the Colts are behind the Chiefs considering they just beat them. And they have the better quarterback of the future.

The top six teams seem about right. Even in 2014, those were the teams you thought had a chance to run the table (surprise, they all have good quarterbacks).

H/T ValkRider in the FanShots