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Weston Dressler, CFL WR, talks about workout with Kansas City Chiefs

A receiver in the CFL, Weston Dressler, talked about his recent workout with the Kansas City Chiefs. Read on for quotes.

Tom Szczerbowski Getty Images Sport

Weston Dressler, a receiver in the CFL, worked out for the Kansas City Chiefs on Tuesday. Him trying to reach the NFL is a very big deal to those in Saskatchewan, who are fans of the Roughriders, Dressler's CFL team. I have done three radio shows in Canada this week with folks asking about the Chiefs and where Dressler might fit. This is a very big deal in Canada.

So, anyway, Dressler can't sign anywhere until mid-February due to CFL rules. He is a slot receiver so he would be competing at that position which is currently held by Dexter McCluster, who is scheduled to be a free agent in March.

Dressler recently talked with Canada radio station 104.9FM The Wolf about his workout in Kansas City. Here's a snippet:

No those (Chiefs quarterbacks Alex Smith and Chase Daniels) guys weren't throwing the balls although they were walking around the facility a bit after so I got a chance to see those guys.  As far as the workout goes there was just one other receiver there with me and some other players doing other drills as well.  But there were just two receivers and basically they ran us through what their route tree would look like and some of the types of routes they would expect us to run if we wound up there in their offense.  They got a chance to see how'd they'd envision us with them so we were able to see what we're capable of as players like catching the ball and running with the ball.  It was nice to get on the field and run around again.

He was a CFL All-Star multiple times and apparently has a big following in Saskatchewan. Chiefs GM John Dorsey is known for turning over every stone to find players (basketball player Demetrius Harris rings a bell). And Chiefs coach Andy Reid likes fast receivers. I'm curious if this will be a fit.