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Dwayne Bowe worried about breaking his foot on final play of Chiefs playoff loss

Kansas City Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe breaks down the final play of the Chiefs playoff loss to the Indianapolis Colts in their playoff loss.

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It's been over a week so the pain over the KC Chiefs playoff loss to the Indianapolis Colts (and eighth straight playoff loss overall) is starting to hurt ... well, not as bad as it did before. Let me go ahead and dredge up some of those painful memories for you.

Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe joined 810 WHB's The Border Patrol on Tuesday morning. He had lots and lots of interesting quotes that you will want to hear. We'll share some of those quotes later. Here is the full audio.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the whole thing -- besides Bowe talking about getting "profiled" after his big contract -- was his take on the Chiefs final offensive play in the playoff loss to the Colts.

Everyone remembers what it was: 4th-and-11 from the Colts 43-yard line. Smith went deep to Bowe and this happened:


Bowe was barely out of bounds. Game over. Chiefs lose their eighth straight playoff game.

After the game, Chiefs coach Andy Reid did say that Bowe sprained his foot. In the 810 WHB appearance on Tuesday, Bowe talked about that sprained foot and seemed to use that as the reason he was out of bounds on the final play.

Here's what Bowe said:

"Once I beat the corner off the grip, I was looking for the ball. He had to go through his progressions, he tried to look the safety off and then throw it to me, which he did. But once I caught it, the corner was pushing me at the same time I was trying to get my feet in.

"Nobody really knew but I had a mid-foot sprain. It had a little crack in it since the third quarter so I wasn't even really supposed to be in the whole fourth quarter. I was supposed to be out. But I toughened it up and played just because in the last game you have to take every game serious.

"I can barely walk right now. I got my foot in a boot as we speak.

"I just tried to make that play, and get both feet in. But if I would have got it in, I know I probably would have broke my right foot because it's still ... I have it in a boot right now. [in-studio guest and former Chief] Eddie [Kennison] can tell you, having to get the rehab and getting treatment trying to get it right.

"I just tried to make the play when it was called but it was six inches away."

Bowe then said that it was good and bad because Alex Smith did go to him in a big situation, which was good, but he couldn't make the play, which was obviously bad.

This is just ... I'm not sure what to make of this.

Adam Teicher has more quotes here.

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