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Chiefs free agent Geoff Schwartz looking for stability with multi-year contract

Kansas City Chiefs guard Geoff Schwartz talks about the 2013 Chiefs and his own future in an interview on 610 Sports.

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Among the Kansas City Chiefs free agents heading into 2014 is offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz. It took a little time for Schwartz to find his spot on the Chiefs but by the end of the season he was a regular starter, having supplanted Jon Asamoah.

Schwartz joined the Danny Parkins Show on Thursday afternoon and talked about his impending free agency. Check out this exchange, which gives you a glimpse into his mind-set.

Q: What is the mind-set of a player in your position heading into free agency?

Geoff Schwartz: "It's different this year than last year. Last year, I was just kinda hoping to find a good situation bceause I didn't play very much last year. This year, I'm looking for stability because I played well when I got a chance. We've been waiting for this for a while, it's my sixth year now. It's different now. I'm not as anxious about it because I know it will work itself out because I have good film out there. I'm just looking for some stability...."

Danny Parkins: "You're looking for a multi-year contract?"

Schwartz: "Yeah, where I can settle down and stop moving every offseason back home. It's a little different this year, I'm not stressed about it. I'm not going to worry about it. I have a great agent and that's his job. He'll let me know if any developments happen."

Later Schwartz said, "I've been on one-year deals for two years now. They're just, they're not very fun. It worked out well this time. Last season it didn't work out well."

Considering he started over Jon Asamoah, you gotta think they're interested in bringing him back. But at what price? Free agency starts on March 11. We'll see if anyone can break the news before he does on Twitter.

Listen to the first hour of Schwartz on 610 Sports here and the second hour here.

More highlights from Schwartz's appearance below. I'd recommend listening to it as well. This was one of the most informative Chiefs interviews in a long time.


Schwartz said that he saw Jamaal Charles go down with his concussion, walk off the field and Knile Davis walk into the huddle. That was about it as far as his reaction goes because he said you have to get ready for the next play. There's no time to talk about what happened.

He said the Chiefs playoff weekend was a bad weekend because after the loss the busses were really hot (they couldn't be turned on underground due to the exhaust) and then the plane home was delayed, too.

Schwartz said that Alex Smith is the best quarterback he's been around. The list of his quarterbacks aren't very encouraging though.

Is it harder to get over a loss as a fan? "Way tougher as a fan," Schwartz said. "You don't get used to losing but you know that if you dwell on it it will affect your next game. We come back on Mondays after a loss, watch that film and then it's kinda done with. As a fan, it takes a long time."

His assessment on Tyler Bray: "He didn't play much in preseason or do much in practice. He has a really good arm. That's all I really know. Until you get into a regular season game, it's hard to see what you're made of."

Does he watch the playoffs? "I'm a football fan, so yes, I watch the playoffs. Do I root for teams? Yes, I was rooting for the Bengals." He grew up as a 49ers fan so while he doesn't cheer for them he does pay a little more attention to them.

Schwartz, who is expecting a child, said he would let his kid play football but probably not until high school.

He said Anthony Sherman was the funniest player on the team. There weren't a lot of pranks pulled this season because that starts at the top and Andy Reid is not a big prank guy.

Schwartz told a story of his time in Carolina when he got engaged. A couple of his teammates made wedding invitations for him (without his knowledge) and put them in every player's locker and every staffer's desk.

He said Eric Fisher got better as the season went on and heading into next season Fisher will get stronger. Schwartz mentioned that Joe Staley, another Central Michigan first round pick, struggled in his year because it's a big jump. "He's definitely going to start next year," Schwartz said of Fisher.

Schwartz said Albert will "deserve whatever contract he gets."

He also said that Donald Stephenson is a starting-caliber player.

Schwartz said there was no animosity with Asamoah after Schwartz began starting over him. "He knew it wasn't my choice. It's not like I went in there and said, 'I need to play!'"

He said that it's such an advantage knowing Alex Smith understands the offense in and out. If Schwartz gets beat on a play, Smith might be able to get out of it. Or if it's a three-step drop, he knows Smith is throwing the ball after three steps. Those "little things", Schwartz said, make a difference in how the offense functions.