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The big question with the 2013 Kansas City Chiefs

There are a lot of questions about the 2013 version of the KC Chiefs. But one of them sticks out more than others.

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The biggest question surrounding the 2013 Kansas City Chiefs is how Alex Smith will be utilized in Andy Reid's offensive system. We've all talked about this. Andy Reid likes to pass the ball a lot. Alex Smith hasn't been successful when he's asked to pass a lot.

So who wins out? That is the big question for the 2013 Chiefs.

Pat Kirwan, an NFL voice I enjoy, brought up this very issue on CBS Sports this week.

"I'm a little concerned about how Andy is going to use Alex," Kirwan said. "I know from talking to some of their coaches, Andy was really excited about how smart Alex is, how he can handle stuff and that tells me Andy is going to gravitate back to what Andy does.

"Since 2000, Andy averages 38 pass players per game. We all know that. Guess what? Alex Smith in his career, every time he's had to throw the ball over 35 times per game, which is right around where Andy Reid's average is, he's won about 25 percent of his games. His hot button area is 25 pass plays.

"Can Andy Reid be disciplined and stay away from the high 30s, which is what he loves."

That's one of the questions we hope to begin to answer on Sunday.

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