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The Kansas City Chiefs will make the playoffs if...

Fill in the blank: 1.) The Chiefs will make the playoffs if... 2.) The Chiefs will miss the playoffs if...

John Sommers II

Great question last night on Amateur Hour, the new podcast of Arrowhead Pride. (To listen, click here.)

Finish these two statements for me:

The Chiefs will make the playoffs if...

They among the league low in turnovers.The Chiefs weren't 2-14 bad last season but they weren't 10-win good either. Their turnovers were amazingly bad. The Chiefs are going to win several more games this season just based on those fluky turnover stats coming back to earth as they always do.

If Alex Smith protects the football despite (presumably) throwing a career-high number of passes, the Chiefs are going to be at least a seven to nine win, middle of the road team.

AP prediction: Chiefs record in 2013
The Chiefs will miss the playoffs if...

I can go with a few different answers here. Basically it comes down to whether a star player gets hurt. Three of these injuries would be to Alex Smith, Jamaal Charles or Dwayne Bowe. If one of those guys is hurt or completely ineffective for whatever reason, the Chiefs will not make the playoffs. They can't compete without all three of those guys playing well.

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