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NFL power rankings 2013: Preseason poll puts KC Chiefs at No. 20

The 2013 NFL power rankings are in and the Kansas City Chiefs rank No. 20, according to SB Nation's NFL bloggers. Is that too high, too low or just right?


The KC Chiefs are the No. 20 team in the NFL. This according to preseason power rankings voted on by SB Nation's NFL bloggers. You can see the entire list of power rankings here, which has two NFC West teams -- San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks -- at the top. The Denver Broncos are ranked third which is of interest to the KC Chiefs and other teams in the AFC West.

I don't have much to complain about. No. 20 is fair for the Chiefs given where they're coming from. As the commenters in the power rankings piece have pointed out, the Seattle Seahawks were the No. 20 ranked team in many power rankings last year. So, yeah, things can change from the preseason (in fact, I can guarantee they will).

A little more about the Chiefs preseason power ranking....

Highest ranking: 13

Lowest ranking: 26

My ranking: 18 (I'm only a slight homer)

The blurb:

When Matt Cassel is ushered out of town and Alex Smith is greeted like a conquering hero, you know it's been a rough stretch for fans. Andy Reid takes over a talented team that underachieved last year. But it will still be a year or two before the Chiefs can challenge the Broncos for division supremacy.

The AFC West

3. Denver Broncos

20. Kansas City Chiefs

26. San Diego Chargers

32. Oakland Raiders

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