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Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs News 9/29

Game Day!! It. Will. Be. LOUD! Your undefeated Kansas City Chiefs are hosting the New York Giants and we have your game day news to help you get ready for kickoff. Go Chiefs!!!

Kyle Rivas

Gary Barbaro: "This Is Going To Be Awesome" from The Mothership

Game day is always special for the Kansas City Chiefs coaches, players and most importantly, the fans. Tomorrow may be a bit more special for one person, former Chiefs safety Gary Barbaro, who will be enshrined as the 43rd elected member of the Chiefs Hall of Fame.

"I can't believe it's actually happening," Barbaro said. "A little kid from Nichols State University, getting inducted in the Chiefs Hall of Fame, it doesn't get any better. It's so good. It's such a great feeling and I've got all my family, including my grandkids with me; this is going to be awesome."

Game Day Activities: Chiefs Vs. Giants from The Mothership

The Chiefs are back at Arrowhead Stadium this week! Sunday will be dedicated to honoring Chiefs alumni, those who have left a legacy in Kansas City. Many alumni will be in attendance, a few include Jan Stenerud, Christian Okoye, Len Dawson and more.

Below is a list of everything you need to know for game day as the Kansas City Chiefs take on the New York Giants.

Chiefs Defensive Coordinator Bob Sutton Finds His Place With Pros from KC Star

Denying permission is one way to sum up what the Chiefs' defense has been doing so far under the attacking concepts of Sutton, 62.

Although it's early in the season, the Chiefs are second in the NFL in points allowed (11.3 per game), first in sacks (15) and fourth in takeaways (nine).

For perspective, consider that the Chiefs gave up 27 points a game last season and had 13 takeaways and 27 sacks the entire year.

Consider, too, that eight of the starters are the same as last season, and it's a point of logic that the difference is a combination of Sutton's schemes, a less mistake-prone offense and his ability to reach his players.

Mentality Of The Chiefs In Late Game Drives from The Mothership

Clock-killing drives are those beginning with five minutes or less to play in the fourth quarter, with the driving team winning the game, or where the leading team gets possession of the ball, with more than five minutes to play in the game, and eventually milks the clock to 0:00.

Entering Week 4, the Chiefs have four clock-killing drives, two serving as game-ending drives. The average amount of time the Chiefs left on the clock for the opposition to attempt a comeback is :33 seconds.

Crucial, late-game drives are often needed to succeed in the NFL,.

Chiefs offensive coordinator Doug Pederson addressed the media this week and spoke to the team's ability to 'put away' ball games.

Chiefs Cornerback Sean Smith Has Been Good Compliment To Brandon Flowers from KC Star

"When I say my eyes got so big ..." Smith said with a laugh. "I was like ‘OK, you've got to catch this. Family and friends are watching.' "

Smith's family and friends had to like what happened next as he snatched Michael Vick's pass out of the air - it was thrown a little behind Cooper - and recorded his first interception as a Chief in a 26-16 victory over Philadelphia on Sept. 19.

It was the highlight of another strong performance for Smith, a free-agent acquisition who harassed Cooper into a two-catch, 29-yard performance despite being targeted seven times, all the while playing the man-to-man coverage the Chiefs have come to rely upon heavily under new defensive coordinator Bob Sutton. Video: Chiefs Kingdom: Joe Delaney

Game Day Forecast from The National Weather Service

Widespread dense fog, mainly before 8am. Otherwise, sunny, with a high near 75. Calm wind becoming southeast around 6 mph in the afternoon.

W2W4: Giants At Chiefs from ESPN

After three different Giants receivers eclipsed the 100-yard mark in the Week 1 loss in Dallas, the offense has fallen on tough times. Hakeem Nicks, as you may have heard, didn't catch a single pass in Week 3. Eli Manning needs at least some time to be able to throw the ball, so expect the Giants to play around with some more no-huddle and some shotgun and/or pistol formations to try to create that. If they succeed, Manning will work hard to make sure his receivers all finish the game happy about their target and catch numbers.

Manning Starts Game After Game Despite Hit After Hit from The New York Times

Sunday's game against the Kansas City Chiefs will mark the 150th consecutive Giants game started by Manning, including the postseason, since he replaced Kurt Warner in November 2004.

It is a noteworthy accomplishment, maybe now more than ever before. As the Giants' injury list piles up - including three mainstays on the offensive line - Eli Manning, like his brother Peyton, quietly churns onward as a paragon of N.F.L. reliability.

NY Giants At Kansas City Chiefs: Big Blue Promises The Real Giants Will Show Up At Arrowhead Stadium from The NY Daily News

The Giants have circled the wagons after last week's embarrassing defeat and are talking like the Super Bowl champs of two years ago, promising that the "real Giants" will show up. But what if these are the real Giants? As Bill Parcells liked to say, you are what your record says you are. There are actually more signs of collapse than recovery.

Giants' David Diehl Makes Trip To Kansas City from

Veteran guard/tackle David Diehl made the trip to Kansas City and he's not going to be a cheerleader. He's listed as doubtful but it's an encouraging sign that he traveled with the team.

Diehl, who has been sidelined the past five weeks following thumb surgery, returned to practice this week. With center David Baas (neck) and guard Chris Snee (hip) out, he's an option as the Giants decide what to do along the offensive line.

There's No Turning Back Clock In The NY Giants Can't Beat The Kansas City Chiefs from The NY Daily News

They spent the past three weeks going 0-3, finding new and progressively more embarrassing ways to lose football games, leaving their fanbase completely stunned. They've been ripped by a former Giant (Carl Banks) and had their fight questioned by a current Giant (Antrel Rolle). They've been shredded by injuries, and their franchise quarterback has played three of the ugliest games of his career.

It's all been a bad dream, a nightmare.

Everything You Need To Know: Week 4 from FOX Sports

The Giants win if: Eli and company get on the same page; Coach Reid has his first clock-management issues in his KC tenure; the G-Men bring a stable of Clydesdales.

The Chiefs win if: Jamaal Charles goes nuts; Smith keeps the ball out of New York's hands; Tom Coughlin's head explodes from yelling at Wilson.

Prediction: Giants 20, Chiefs 14

Giants' Will Beatty Looks To Bounce Back Vs. Chiefs Using A Unique Mind-Set from

Although it may have scared some teams away (but not the Giants), Beatty's demeanor could be the left tackle's best attribute. He is looking to bounce back from the worst game of his career - he stood out, in the wrong way, as quarterback Eli Manning was sacked seven times - as the Giants hope to avoid dropping to 0-4 today against the Chiefs in Kansas City, Mo.

The position Beatty plays is also extremely cerebral. One bad play can lead to another more easily than at nearly any other spot on the field.

But to those who know Beatty, they know surrendering three sacks against Carolina - the same total he gave up all of last season - will not bleed into today's game against the Chiefs, a team that leads the league in sacks, one that could prey on the Giants' scattershot offensive line that will be missing two starters.

NFL's Magnificent 7: Undefeated At 3-0 from The Las Vegas Guardian Express

The Chiefs are scheduled to meet the winless New York Giants in Week 4, and one can only muse upon the possible outcome. Reid's team has a flash and finesse KC has not seen in far too long. The rapid turnaround has many in the league seeing Kansas City as a possible contender in the playoffs.  That's quite a turnaround indeed.

How Much Worse Can This Get? Well... from The NY Daily News

For the Chiefs, the Andy Reid Era is off to a huge start, but there aren't a lot of believers in them around the league. Not that they need believers, but as Reid knows, early success can carry a team a long way. If they truly as are good as they think they are, they have to beat an 0-3 team at home. If they don't, maybe the 3-0 start was a mirage after all.

Dawkins Knows Both Teams In Today's Showdown Well from

"They been moving the ball, and moving it efficiently,'' Dawkins said of the Eagles offense. "I think he has them moving in the right direction.

"Kansas City's defense did a pretty good job against them, but that's a good defense in Kansas City. Now, you know other teams are going to try to do the same thing Kansas City did. They might not have the people Kansas City has, but they're going to try. I want to see how (the Eagles) adjust and if they do anything differently.''

Josh Freeman's Next Move? from ESPN

Smith handled his demotion with grace and class, all the way through the Super Bowl in New Orleans, where he stood at media day and answered question after question after question about losing his starting job. It was evident that Smith burned to play in the biggest game of the year. No one could blame him. But he was remarkably poised and positive, and he put the team before himself.

That poise and positivity are reasons Smith has a starting job today. Kansas City coach Andy Reid understood how radioactive Smith could have become in San Francisco. He got it.

Another 'Must Win' Game For Giants from Long Island Newsday

They are coming off their most lopsided defeat in more than a decade, a loss that capped their worst start to a season in nearly two. They are facing an undefeated Chiefs team that seems to do just about everything better than they do. They run the ball, they pressure the quarterback, they create turnovers and they don't give the football away.

That's been the definition of so-called Giants football over the years. Now the Chiefs' arrowhead logo is next to that entry in the NFL dictionary.

Giants Know Undefeated Chiefs Aren't Unbeatable from The NY Post

Eli Manning doesn't have David Tyree with him Sunday, and he doesn't have Chris Snee or David Baas trying to keep him in one piece against a sack-happy defense.

But he does have Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks, and he does have a pair of Super Bowl rings and MVP trophies, and he is the better quarterback, and he does know how to be a road warrior.

And there is only one head coach with two Super rings on the sidelines, and it is his head coach.

That's as good a place to start believing as any.

Kansas City Chiefs Living Up To Talent With Andy Reid from The National

The Chiefs' chief replacement was a portly, mustachioed coach who, as even the most proficient do, wore out his welcome at the previous stop. That being Andy Reid, who led the Philadelphia Eagles for 14 seasons.

Kansas City could have chartered a plane to haul all of the assistant coaches, staffers and players - nearly two dozen - imported from Philadelphia by Reid. His most intriguing hire was an outsider named Chris Ault, mysteriously designated as a consultant.

Will The Real NY Giants Please Stand Up! Or Should We Begin The Countdown To Jadeveon Clowney from The NY Daily News

The numbers don't add up for the Giants to win this game. They are minus nine in turnovers. The Chiefs haven't turned the ball over once and are plus nine. The Giants are averaging a meager 44.3 yards rushing per game, last in the league by more than eight yards. Manning has thrown a league-high eight interceptions.

Reid inherited the most talented 2-14 in NFL history. Kansas City had six players in the Pro Bowl last season, but they didn't have a quarterback and they didn't know how to win. But things changed quickly in the locker room after they traded for Alex Smith.

Giants Matchup from

Giants LT Will Beatty and RT Justin Pugh vs. Chiefs OLBs Tamba Hali and Justin Houston. Beatty endured his worst game as a pro last Sunday, allowing three sacks and committing a holding penalty that negated a second-quarter touchdown run by David Wilson. Now he'll have to contend with the speed off the edge of Teaneck's Hali. The rookie Pugh's assignment will prove to be as difficult, maybe even more so, as he must deal with Houston, who is coming off a 4.5 sack game against the Eagles and leads the NFL in sacks.

Kelly, Eagles Wobble Into Denver from FOX Sports

Then there are troubling signs, like those six sacks, five turnovers and 16 points last week against Kansas City.

"We call them self-inflicted wounds," Kelly said afterward. "We had too many of them to be a successful football team."

Andy Reid might say that the Chiefs' defense had something to do with that.

Fantasy Football Stat Focus: Jamaal Charles Capitalizing On Targets from Sports Illustrated

Charles has always had game-breaking ability because he's just as good a receiver out of the backfield as he is a runner. It's the receiving skills that I want to talk about today. Charles leads all running backs with 24 targets this season, four ahead of Matt Forte, Darren Sproles and Danny Woodhead. He also has more than big-name receivers such as Jordy Nelson, Reggie Wayne and Marques Colston. He had just three receptions in Week 1, but caught eight passes for 48 yards the following week before going for seven and 80 against the Eagles eight days ago.

You don't get that many targets by accident, and you don't get them all on checkdowns, either.

Giants Chiefs Preview: Four Keys To 4-0 from Warpaint Illustrated

WR Donnie Avery - If you're passing out awards for the best Chiefs MVP in September, offensively speaking, Avery has been a standout. He's leading the team in receptions but more importantly, he's become mister third down.

With all Pro Wide Receiver, Dwayne Bowe, still searching for that breakout game, Avery has picked up the slack and then some. In fact, he's become so reliable, he's starting to climb the ranks of fantasy players all over the country.

Prediction: Chiefs 27, Giants 17 from ESPN

This one looks too easy. A turnover-prone, shoddy-pass protecting 0-3 team comes to Arrowhead Stadium to play a turnover-generating, fierce pass rushing 3-0 team.

Throw in another loud Arrowhead crowd and this one should be a blowout, right?


Pro Football: Powerhouse Conference Turns Out To Be AFC from The San Angelo Standard-Times

Three weeks into the season, it's the AFC that has been dominant.

AFC clubs have won 11 of 14 meetings with the NFC. Most confounding have been the early flops by five of the six NFC playoff teams from 2012; only Seattle has a winning record.

Meanwhile, all six AFC playoff qualifiers from last year are winners, while the Dolphins and Chiefs have been revelations. The Colts seem even stronger than they were in their turnaround 2012 season, and even the Jets and Titans look good.

Horn: Jerry Jones Was Set To Buy The Chargers - Until Dad Said No Way from The Dallas Morning News

Only one obstacle remained. It wasn't league approval, for he was sure that would come.

After all, he already had met with league mover and shaker Lamar Hunt and secured his blessing.

Robbie had passed Jones to Hunt, and it had been the Dallas oilman and owner of the Kansas City Chiefs, who pointed Jones to the Chargers.

At their lunch in the Kansas City airport, Hunt had told Jones how impressed he was that such a young man had enjoyed enough success that he now wanted to enjoy the luxury of buying a football team.

Hype Machine In Overdrive, N.F.L. Pops Back To London from The New York Times

Goodell has said that he hopes to turn the N.F.L. into a $25 billion business by 2027, from $10 billion now. To do that, the league would need fresh sources of income, including from overseas.

"Certainly, the league has grown substantially here in the United States and continues to do so," said Clark Hunt, the chairman of the Kansas City Chiefs and the head of the league's international committee. "But at some point, to keep that growth rate up, the international opportunity for the league is very important."

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