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Austen Lane describes what it's like to be cut from the Kansas City Chiefs

NFL free agent and occasional contributor to The MMQB, Austen Lane, describes his experience of getting "the call" from the Chiefs last month when he was released.

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Austen Lane is a free agent NFL defensive end who spent part of the offseason and training camp with the Kansas City Chiefs. He wrote previously for The MMQB, Peter King's website, about what it's like to get cut. His experiences then were his release from the Jacksonville Jaguars. When that piece published, Lane was starting training camp with the Chiefs. As you know, he was ultimately cut by KC after camp.

And that's where Lane's story picks back up again in a new piece for The MMQB, which should be considered a must-read.

A snippet:

The next morning, an unknown Kansas City phone number appeared on the screen of my cell phone. I knew what was waiting for me. It was pro personnel director Chris Ballard.

"Austen," Ballard said to me, "we are releasing you. Please come to the stadium."

My release from Jacksonville was a roller coaster of emotion. This one? As emotional as a kindergarten play. At the stadium I acted like a bitter ex fresh out of a long relationship. I left all of my gear, cleats and gloves behind in my locker. The memories they represented would only frustrate me more. I thanked Chris Ballard for the chance; I always thought he was in my corner. I never spoke with GM John Dorsey or coach Reid. That's just the way some teams do it.

I find this behind-the-scenes stuff fascinating. Give the whole thing a read.

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