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Posterized: Linc Leverage

Check out the newest painting by artist Chris Sembower featuring head coach Andy Reid of the KC Chiefs!

Posterized: Linc Leverage - A Gatorade Bath illustration by Chris Sembower
Posterized: Linc Leverage - A Gatorade Bath illustration by Chris Sembower
Chris Sembower

I never get tired of these Gatorade bath moments. They're always charged with so much emotion. Even Philly fans couldn't help but to cheer for Reid last Thursday.

I think that if there was one thing that helped to influence the moment I chose to re-imagine, it was the fact that all of the Kansas City Chiefs victories thus far have been true team victories. No phase of the game is without it's flaws, even though the defense seems to be playing lights-out at the moment, but together all 3 seem to be working harmoniously to the same end.

All of that finds it's way back to the coach. Game plans, coaching decisions, and personnel usage have all been bright spots on the Chiefs' squad this year, and Big Red deserves a lot of credit for what he's done so far.

This one's for you, Andy.

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