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Kansas City Chiefs September 2013 approval poll: Andy Reid

Do you approve of the job Andy Reid is doing as the Chiefs head coach?

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes these approval polls are intriguing because I genuinely don't know how the fan base feels.

This is not one of those times.

Everyone loves Big Red and the job he's done with the Chiefs so far. At 3-0 there's little arguing about that. Folks are content and they're happy with what they've seen. Improvements are to come for sure but to pass last year's win total before September is over ... well, that's something.

So let us know in the poll how you feel about Big Red.

Do you approve?

Previous results:

August 2013: 94%

July 2013: 93%

June 2013: 93%

May 2013: 92%

April 2013: 86%

March 2013: 89%

January 2013: 89%

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