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Andy Reid's record with extra time to prepare is outstanding

Andy Reid's record after a bye week is 13-1. His record after Thursday night games is 4-1. This bodes well for the KC Chiefs who are off this weekend due to last Thursday's game against the Eagles.

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The Kansas City Chiefs have started the season off 3-0 after Thursday's win over the Philadelphia Eagles. The next opponent is the New York Giants who come to Arrowhead a week from today. This isn't a bye week but there is extra time off. And history says that time off is going to be a good thing for the KC Chiefs in Week 4.

Andy Reid's record after a bye week really is something. 13-1! He won his first 13 post-bye week games, losing his very first one last year against Atlanta.

Week after bye (13-1)

2012 vs. Falcons: 30-17 (loss)

2011 vs. Cowboys: 34-7

2010 vs. Colts: 26-24

2009 vs. Bucs: 33-14

2008 vs. Falcons: 27-14

2007 vs. Jets: 16-9

2006 vs. Redskins: 27-3

2005 vs. Chargers: 20-17

2004 vs. Panthers: 30-8

2003 vs. Bills: 23-13

2002 vs. Bucs: 20-10

2001 vs. Giants: 10-9

2000 vs. Bengals: 16-7

1999 vs. Rams: 38-31

Let's point out the obvious: This isn't a bye week. That doesn't come until Week 10. And, oh by the way, the Chiefs Week 11 opponent, after the bye, is the Denver Broncos. Oh man, oh man, oh man. I am already pumped for that game. Holy crap, a 3-0 start can change everything.

Moving on...

Week after Thursday night football record: 4-1

2013 vs. Eagles: 26-16

With extra time to prepare, Andy Reid is a combined 17-2 in his career.

2012 vs. Redskins: 20-17 (loss)

2011 vs. Dolphins: 26-10

2010 vs. Cowboys: 30-27

2008 vs. Giants: 20-14

...and that's where his Thursday night record ends. The Chiefs and Broncos were the very first Thursday night NFL Network game back in 2006, so it hasn't been around all that long.

The key stat: Given extra time to prepare, Andy Reid is 17-2.

Does this change your outlook of next Sunday's game against the Giants?

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