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Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs News 9/21

Good morning! Here is today's Kansas City Chiefs news. Enjoy!

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Rich Schultz

Chiefs Know Their Win In Philly Was Meaningful To Reid from KC Star

All week long, Chiefs coach Andy Reid had consistently downplayed his return to Philadelphia, the city where he mounted a strong 14-year run as head coach before his firing last December.

But once the final seconds ticked off the clock Thursday night, his Chiefs victorious 26-16, Reid - perhaps to his own surprise - finally allowed himself to drop his shield and take in the moment.

"It was interesting at the end," Reid said. "That was when it all hit" me "that I was playing in Philadelphia again."

Andy Reid Teleconference Transcript from The Mothership

Can you assess the offensive line last night?

"We're young there and we're getting better. We have to continue to work there and keep working as a unit and getting to know each other. As the game went on, we progressively got better, which is important. The last two weeks, they've been really taking over in the end of the game and done a pretty good job of finishing things up."

Chiefs' Houston Credited With Another Sack After Error Is Corrected from KC Star

Brad Gee, the Chiefs' manager of communications, said the mixup was a "manual input error" that occurred on the Eagles' final play of the game, when Houston sacked quarterback Michael Vick for a loss of three yards and also stripped the ball from Vick, though he was ruled down before the ball came out.

The play was then reviewed by a replay assistant, however, who ruled Vick had fumbled before he was down.

"But when they reversed the play, they didn't put the sack in, just a tackle for loss," Gee said.

Chiefs, Eagles Draws NFL Network Record Ratings from KC Star

The Chiefs' 26-16 win at Philadelphia on Thursday night on NFL Network delivered a 6.0 household rating, making it the highest-rated Thursday Night Football telecast in NFL Network history. The telecast surpassed a Cowboys-Saints game in 2009 that had a 5.7 rating.

That made it the most-watched program among all shows on broadcast and cable television on Thursday night, beating out shows like NBC's live finale of The Million Second Quiz and Fox'sThe X-Factor.

Heads Up Football from The Mothership

"The message to the parents is to work with groups like this, who teach their kids good techniques, so they can avoid concussions," Dr. Lauer commented. "Also, the parents can be looking for signs at home that would suggest their child has had a concussion. If they've been hit in the game, those symptoms can evolve over time. It can take one or two days for things to really show up."

Dr. Lauer notes that some of the things to look for are headaches, dizziness, problems focusing, problems getting to sleep or being sleepier than usual, if they have trouble getting through their homework, or are very irritable. These are all signs of a concussion and medical attention is needed. Video: Locker Room Celebration After Week 3 Victory Video: Sean Smith Postgame Interview Week 3 Video: Branden Albert Postgame Interview Week 3 Video: Postgame With Mitch And Reid

Commander-In-Chief from Grantland

As it turns out, slowing down the most-hyped offense in the NFL is actually pretty easy. Just take the two best defensive players in football through two and a half weeks, let them wreak havoc, and never give that offense the ball back. This football stuff is easy! The Chiefs didn't reveal a blueprint for stopping Michael Vick and beating the Eagles 26-16 last night, because other teams can't replicate what the Chiefs can do defensively. And the Chiefs are a scary team that nobody is going to want to play all season for that same reason.

Eric Fisher Struggling Out OF Gate For Kansas City Chiefs from

The No. 1 overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft has struggled badly in plain sight. And no one has taken notice.

There are a lot of terrific, surprising stories surrounding the 3-0 start by the Kansas City Chiefs. Eric Fisher's play has provided one early reason for concern.

Fisher, playing right tackle, was called for holding twice during the Chiefs' 26-16 win over the Philadelphia Eagles on "Thursday Night Football." He appeared to give up at least two sacks.

An A-Z Rewind: Chiefs 26, Eagles 16 from KC Star

H is for Harry High School, which we define as unnecessary gimmicky or tomfoolery and was employed by Eagles coach Chip Kelly in calling for a 2-point conversion after closing the Chiefs lead to 10-6 ... in the first quarter. It failed, which obviously would have loomed large had the game been close.

Chiefs' Houston Takes Advantage Of Rookie Right Tackles from KC Star

But before we start getting too carried away and start clearing space for him in the Hall of Fame, let's look at the common denominator in Houston's two multi-sack performances.

Rookie right tackles.

New-Look Chiefs Believe In Coach Andy Reid -- And It Shows from FS Kansas City

But when Brian Daboll is drawing up possible ways for Matt Cassel to attack a defense, it's only natural for some eyes in the room to roll, same as they did in your office pool.

Conversely, when Reid pulls up a slide and says, "Gentlemen, this his how we're going to beat the Cowboys," they know that he's done it 18 times already.

They know that he knows.

They trust. They believe.

Alex Smith's Game Management, Chiefs Defense Beat Eagles from CBS Sports

Even with plenty of talented weapons on offense, Kansas City is probably going to be held back some (or much) of the time by Alex Smith. There were plenty of times Thursday he showed why 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh was eager to replace him with Colin Kaepernick last season. Smith is an average quarterback, and to expect much more from him is a folly.

Until, that is, the Kansas City's second-to-last drive of the game when the NFL's game manager managed the game especially well.

Bell: Just Like Old Times For Andy Reid In Philadelphia from USA Today

"Who'd you pick to win?" he blurted out to his visitor. "Who'd you pick? I saw where you picked the Eagles."

Yeah, the visitor has missed on a few of his weekly picks. After the quick chastising, a bubbly Reid turned and bounced away.

If you believed the matchup between Reid's new team and old team was just another game, that moment suggests the contrary.

He wanted this game.

Upon Further Review: Chiefs Week 3 from ESPN

Killing the clock: The Chiefs, for the second straight week, were able to protect their lead with a long, clock-eating drive. They had a 15-play, 75-yard drive in the fourth quarter that consumed more than eight minutes and ended with a field goal that turned out to be the final points of the game. The Chiefs had the ball for more than 12 minutes in the fourth quarter.

Blog: Why The Chiefs Will Play In The Super Bowl from FOX4KC

And so right now, I declare, the Kansas City Chiefs will play in the Super Bowl.

Come on! some of you might say.  Be real!  The Chiefs were the worst team in the league last year!  There's no way they make it to the Super Bowl this year.

Go ahead.  Doubt.  I know it's early in the season, but I believe this team has the tools and the talent to win in January.  Here's why:

Are The Kansas City Chief For Real This Season? from DrJays,com

At this point in time, we think that the Chiefs are for real. While they don't have the flashiest quarterback in the league-Alex Smith is serviceable but he's not going to blow anyone away with his passing abilities-they have a lot of other pieces that make us feel good about their chances to put together a nice season this year. They've got a couple of solid wide receivers in Dwayne Bowe and Donnie Avery. They've got an elite running back in Jamaal Charles. And most importantly, they've got what appears to be a pretty stingy defense filled with guys who can rush the quarterback and provide good coverage downfield.

Five Thoughts On The Philadelphia Eagles' 26-16 Loss To The Kansas City Chiefs from

Third downs killed the Eagles, again. True, Kansas City only converted 6 of 18 third downs -- but three of those came in third-and-longs: third-and-15, third-and-19 and third-and-10. The latter two led to Chiefs' field goals, with the final one coming on Kansas City's 15-play, 75-yard fourth-quarter march that ate 8:15 off the clock and pretty much buried the Eagles' chances. All three passes went to wide receiver Donnie Avery, who made seven catches for 141 yards.

Andy Reid, Alex Smith Prove That A Cougar And Ute Can Work Together To Be Successful In The NFL from The Deseret News

Reid had always admired the way Smith played and had tried numerous times to bring him to Philadelphia. Now that Reid was head coach of the Chiefs, he again went after Smith. The 49ers accepted the trade offer and Smith was sent to the Chiefs.

The pairing of Smith and Reid is a peculiar one, especially for football fans in Utah. While Smith attended the University of Utah in college, Reid attended rival school Brigham Young University. The rivalry between the two schools has grown over the years and to this day runs exceedingly deep.

Chip Kelly: Eagles Defense Did 'Outstanding Job' from

The final numbers don't look pretty. The Eagles allowed 26 points and 395 yards in Thursday night's loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. They didn't force a turnover.

Numbers, however, can be deceiving. The Eagles defense, for the second time in three games, actually played pretty well. They kept their team in the contest despite five turnovers from the offense and special teams, including one that was returned for a touchdown.

Andy Reid's Chiefs Tromp On Eagles from CBS Philly

After seemingly moving the football almost at will in the first two games, the Eagles offense blew a tire against Kansas City. LeSean McCoy is deserving of a high mark after rushing for 158 yards and a touchdown despite having to leave the game briefly for a knee injury. He returned and still had a big impact. Receivers struggled to get open and hold on to some footballs, although Jason Avant had a nice catch in the second half. The offensive line had some adjustments made for the game and at times they struggled as well.

Wacky Chiefs Fans In Philly Deserve High-Def, Super-Slow-Mo Treatment from Deadspin

We opened last night's GIF roundup with this pre-game NFL Network moment of Chiefs fans at a Philadelphia bar, but the whole episode really deserves close analysis.

Andy Reid, Sal Paolantonio Postgame Interview Turns Awkward After Chiefs' 26-16 Victory Over Eagles from International Business Times

It isn't clear why Reid was so combative during his interview with ESPN. Deadspin raises the possibility that Paolantonio may have "cut the line" in being the first reporter to talk to Reid, given the presence of NFL Network's Alex Flanagan.

Andy Reid Tries His Best To Wiggle Out Of Awkward Interview With ESPN's Sal Paolantonio from Yahoo! Sports

Reid was grabbed by ESPN reporter Sal Paolantonio for a post-game chat, and Reid didn't appear too thrilled with it. Why? Well, the two have a history. Paolantonio has been stationed in Philly for years, reporting on the latest to-dos with the Eagles, and much of that was during Reid's tenure. Plus, when Reid was fired and heavily rumored to be headed to coach the Cardinals, Paolantonio openly flamed Reid and wondered why the team would make such a hire.

So let's run through the awkwardness of the SalPal-Reid blowoff, blow by blow, shall we?

Extra Points: The 'Old Dog' Teaches 'The Innovator' Some New Tricks from KC Star

The drunken fans who got into a melee just under the press box at Lincoln Financial Field during the third quarter on Thursday night showed a lot more fight than the Philadelphia Eagles in Andy Reid's return to town.

Reid proved to the world you can indeed teach an old dog a few new tricks, leading his Kansas City Chiefs to a relatively easy 26-16 win over the club he spent the previous 14 seasons coaching.

Audibles Audio: NFL Films' Greg Cosell Previews Week 3 Of The NFL Season from Sports Illustrated

On Alex Smith's limitations and his function in Kansas City's offense: "I think you only go so far with him. Clearly, he's not willing to pull the trigger [on throws] unless it's wide open. We don't know what he's told or how they want to play, but the defense is the strength of their team. So, they're perhaps going to play offense to that strength. But in today's NFL, the way points are scored, and with the emphasis on passing, I think it's hard to be a real contender that way. Can you win nine or 10 games? You can, and it's been done, but it's hard to play that way as your modus operandi week after week."

Bucs' Top Problem Is Greg Schiano from ESPN

One league source said Freeman's people were so miffed by Schiano's ambivalence earlier this offseason that they even floated the idea of a trade to Kansas City, Freeman's hometown, before the Chiefs dealt for Alex Smith. The Bucs shot down that possibility -- claiming that Freeman wasn't going to be traded -- but that was only the start of what already has been a long year.

Chip Kelly, Michael Vick Lament Turnovers In Eagles' Loss To Chiefs from

Credit to the Kansas City Chiefs who played good defense at times, but the Eagles didn't do themselves any favors by beating themselves with turnovers. Michael Vick, responsible for 3 turnovers (2 INT and 1 FUM), said the turnovers made it difficult for the Eagles offense to get in a rhythm.

Reid Gets A Win In Philly, And What That Means For Dallas from

Most importantly for Dallas, another division rival had a bad night and the Cowboys now hold sole possession of first place in the NFC East. If they can beat St. Louis on Sunday, the Cowboys have a good chance to grab early command in the division.

It also makes you feel better about the Chiefs loss - at least a little bit. Kansas City is off to a hot 3-0 start. Not many people were expecting Philadelphia to be some sort of juggernaut this year, but any team that can rip off three straight wins in the NFL is doing something right.

NFL Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month 2013 from Latinos Post

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month and to help kickoff the Kansas City Chiefs Art Program, the Chiefs linebackers will host youth from the Guadalupe Center's Alta Vista Middle School on an educational field trip to Arrowhead Stadium on September 24.

Quotes: Head Coach Chip Kelly from

What has the process been like figuring out what works in colleges compared to how it translates to the NFL?  Any example of things you feel like you've had to leave behind in college after going through a few games?

COACH KELLY: I understand the question, but I don't look at it that way.  We didn't look at this when we put a game plan together of, this worked when we played against USC or UCLA or Stanford, so what is it going to look like against them?

What do we like versus man coverage, what do we like versus single high safety, what's good versus two‑deep, what's good versus a three‑man line, what's good versus 3‑4 spacing, what is good versus a 4‑3 spacing.

I don't look at it, This worked in college, it doesn't work here.  It's still 11‑on‑11 football.  The game last night was a prime example of it.  The game of football comes down to it, no matter how you want to slice it, one‑on‑one battles.  The Kansas City Chiefs did a better job on one‑on‑one battles than the Philadelphia Eagles.

President Obama Speaks At Ford Facility About Economy's Comeback from FOX4KC

President Barack Obama arrived in Kansas City late Friday morning for his speech at the new Ford stamping plant in Liberty, Mo.

The President began his speech by talking a little trash on the Chiefs, as he stated it.

He's from Chicago, of course, and a Bears fan.

Like/Dislike: Starting Trent Richardson, Not Liking It from

Yes, we're starting the Kansas City Chiefs against every team other than the Denver Broncos. If you dropped them during the shuffle, see if they come available again the rest of the weekend and add them that way.

Inside Slant: Thursday Night Update from ESPN

The biggest discrepancy continues to be the sharp dip in passing efficiency, as related by Total QBR and completion percentage. Thursday night, Eagles quarterback Michael Vick produced a 21.7 QBR by completing 43.3 percent of his passes, committing three turnovers and taking five sacks. Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith benefitted from exceptional post-catch running from his receivers to finish with 273 yards. He took five sacks and finished with a 25.7 QBR.

Thursday Review from National Football Post

The brain trust in Philly thought Andy Reid couldn't coach anymore. Oh, how they were wrong! In a short time he has taken a team that had the worst record in the NFL a year ago to three wins in three games. I think that one of the reasons for this is the experience of the Chiefs' coaching and player personnel. Including Reid, Nine coaches on the KC staff have ten years or more coaching in the NFL. GM John Dorsey has 20+ years in scouting and Director of Player Personnel Chris Ballard has 13 years NFL experience. Don't let anyone tell you differently, experience wins games in the NFL.

NFL's Dean Blandino Reviews New Crown-Of-The-Helmet Rule from

He also said Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles was not called for a crown-of-the-helmet hit Thursday night because it was within 3 yards of the line of scrimmage. The new rule only pertains to outside of the the tackle box.

What's The Fuss With... Jay Feely from ESPN

And I continued to kick and work out and I'd work all day and then I'd go lift and run and go and kick balls in the evening. My wife would come and shag balls. It got to the point, when we had our first kid, which was two years out of school, I was working full time, and one or the other had to stop. I was at that point where literally I was like I'm going to quit kicking because it hasn't happened in two years. I had gone to camps and try outs and went to minicamp with the (Kansas City) Chiefs and kicked great and they said, ‘We're going to bring you into camp for sure and we're going to sign you' and it didn't happen.

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