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Targets: Who is Alex Smith throwing the ball to the most? (Hint: It's Jamaal Charles)

Who is Alex Smith throwing the ball to? The two leaders, as many would have guessed, are Dwayne Bowe and Jamaal Charles -- but not in that order. It's actually Jamaal who leads all Chiefs with 16 targets from the KC Chiefs quarterback. Read on for a full breakdown of Smith's targets over the first two games of the season.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports
RB Jamaal Charles: 16

11 receptions, 71 yards

Charles is second among all running backs with 16 targets, trailing only Matt Forte (17). Everything we thought about Charles -- him becoming a big role in the passing game -- is absolutely true. At this pace, Charles would have over 80 receptions this season. Most people predicted 55-60 receptions.

WR Dwayne Bowe: 14

8 receptions, 86 yards

As expected. Who else was going to be the top WR target? Bowe was the easy choice. He has caught a touchdown but he has yet to "take over" a game. Slow and steady.

WR Donnie Avery: 9

4 receptions, 49 yards

Avery is on pace for 32 receptions this season. The work of the No. 2 receiver was a thing before the season. My guess is that he has more than 32 receptions this season.

WR Dexter McCluster: 9

5 receptions, 57 yards

DMC is on pace for 40 receptions this season. That's the range I would've put him in before the season. I'd like to see a little more work out of him moving forward.

TE Anthony Fasano: 7

4 receptions, 34 yards

Before the season I would've put Fasano behind D-Bowe in receptions. Not the case through two games. In fact, tight ends have just eight of Alex Smith's 42 completions.

FB Anthony Sherman: 4

4 receptions, 44 yards

Eleven yards per reception for your fullback? Not bad. Sherman has been better than I thought he would.

TE Sean McGrath: 4

2 receptions, 31 yards

Now this is interesting. Travis Kelce has not been playing. And now Anthony Fasano is banged up. McGrath could be headed for a much bigger workload in Week 3.

WR Junior Hemingway: 2

2 receptions, 13 yards

One of those receptions is a touchdown. All he does is catch touchdowns!

RB Cyrus Gray: 2

1 reception, 6 yards

He saw some third down work in the first game.

RB Knile Davis: 1

1 reception, 5 yards

He stepped in when Jamaal went down in Week 1.

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