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NFL picks Week 3: Predicting the Chiefs-Eagles game and everyone else

On a short week, the Kansas City Chiefs will do their best to build some momentum coming off a solid weekend.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs are 2-0.

Sunk in yet? Alright, now that everybody is feeling good, it's time to move on from the glory that is beating the Dallas Cowboys in the home opener. Kansas City has another tough opponent on the schedule in the Philadelphia Eagles, who present plenty of unique challenges. The Chiefs and Eagles play on NFL Network on Thursday night.

Since this is a picks post and not a breakdown, I won't get into specifics that you likely already know. The Chiefs have a tough assignment ahead of them Thursday night, but so do the Eagles.

Now, onto the Week 3 picks, with all lines provided by The AP staff's Chiefs-Eagles predictions are also included.

Kansas City Chiefs at Philadelphia Eagles (-3)

This is a brutal game to predict for a ton of reasons. First, the Chiefs would love to gameplan for this team but don't have much time to. Second, Kansas City has to travel on a short week into a very charged and hostile environment.

Advantage Eagles right? Not necessarily. The Chiefs also have a much more experienced head coach with a profound knowledge of the other team. I don't buy the notion that since Kelly runs a different scheme, Reid's familiarity with Philadelphia is a moot point. Reid knows things like how to beat certain linemen, tendencies guys have, etc. This is a fascinating game on many levels.

Ultimately I side with the more talented team in Thursday night games unless the travel is brutal. In this case, give me the Chiefs defense over the Eagles offense.

Pick: Kansas City 27, Philadelphia 21

The rest of the AP staff picks the Chiefs-Eagles game...

Clay Wendler: Chiefs 27 Eagles 21

This team is for real, and the Eagles aren't as good as Dallas. Particularly on defense, where Charles will explode for his first big game of the season. Bowe with another TD, too. This game is tailor made for the Chiefs to control the clock and keep Philly's offense off the field with the running game and short passes from Smith.

NJ Chiefs Fan: Chiefs 28 Eagles 24

Strength vs Strength: Eagles' O and Chiefs' D enter and only one is coming out. 

I like the athleticism and versatility of the Chiefs defenders and think they will be able to limit (not stop) the many weapons the Eagles will use. That should be enough to allow Alex Smith, Jamaal Charles and the boys to keep up against a struggling Eagles defense.

KaloPhoenix: Chiefs 31 Eagles 17

Philadelphia is giving up points like crazy, but they're scoring enough to keep them in games.  Now they have to go up against the best defense that they've seen this year, and a clock-killing, Jamaal Charles heavy offense.  I see the Chiefs offense finally showing what they can do in a grudge match for Andy Reid.  Philly will get points from Jackson and McCoy, but with less weapons to focus on than last week, I see more overload blitzes and more sacks for the Chiefs defense this against the Eagles.  Let's bring another win back to Arrowhead!

Matt Conner: Chiefs 13 Eagles 10

The amount of attention paid to the Eagles offense is interesting, but it's also disproportional. The Chiefs defense features impact players at all levels and the Cowboys game cemented the unit as one of the NFL's finest young units. The Eagles haven't seen an opponent with this much talent. It's also an interesting match-up on the coaching level considering the depth of experience and the short week to prepare. The story has been Andy Reid's return to Philly but it should really be about questioning Chip Kelly's ability to adjust for a great defense after a frustrating loss.

MNChiefsfan: Chiefs 31 Eagles 28

I've talked about it at length, so I won't repeat myself any more than to say I'm not sure I quite buy into the Eagles offense hype.  And even with that offense, their defense is an absolute sieve.  This is the win that puts us on the national radar... for like a week.  Then I'm sure there will be more important things to talk about, like Danny Amendola being hurt again.

Joel Thorman: Chiefs 30 Eagles 27

How will the Chiefs score 30 points? I don't know. But the Chiefs D can force Michael Vick into mistakes and keep themselves in the game. Gimme the Chiefs!

Back to Matt Verderame for the rest of the picks...

Arizona Cardinals at New Orleans Saints (-9)

New Orleans looks like a contender again under Sean Payton. Despite struggling in Tampa Bay, the Saints found a way to win on the road in brutal weather. However, don't sleep on the Cardinals. Bruce Arians has the boys playing well and come into this game with Larry Fitzgerald against the New Orleans secondary. It won't be enough, but it will be fun to watch.

Pick: New Orleans 30, Arizona 23

San Diego Chargers at Tennessee Titans (-3)

This is a contest between two teams who could be sneaky good or completely awful masquerading as respectable. Philip Rivers had a huge day against Philadelphia, but a college team can move the ball against that defense. The Titans were a few minutes away from consecutive road wins in Pittsburgh and Houston. Give me Tennessee on a coin-flip.

Pick: Tennessee 20, San Diego 17

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Lions at Washington Redskins (-1)

How is Washington favored in this game? I get the Redskins are at home, but they have been beaten something fierce the first two games this season. Did anybody see Mike Shanahan's face last week against Green Bay? He looked like he was watching Tyler Palko trying to throw a football. Pure horror.

Pick: Detroit 31, Washington 27

Houston Texans (-2.5) at Baltimore Ravens

Houston has looked awful for two weeks and finds itself 2-0. Baltimore has been no better but faced Peyton Manning, so it stands at 1-1. After Ray Rice injured his hip last Sunday, it is tough to see the Ravens scoring a ton of points in this one. Then again, it is easy to see Matt Schaub and Houston play a lackluster game in a tough setting.

Pick: Baltimore 17, Houston 16

New York Giants at Carolina Panthers (-2.5)

Last week, the Giants "played" in the Manning Bowl. This week, they play in the Elimination Bowl. Whoever loses this game is sunk, and Ron Rivera might lose his job if its Carolina. The Panthers are atrociously bad in tight games, and Eli Manning is shockingly good in them. New York is a better team, with a better coach and quarterback.

Pick: New York 28, Carolina 23

Green Bay Packers (-3) at Cincinnati Bengals

A very intriguing game right here. Green Bay loves to spread defenses out and throw all over the field. Cincinnati likes to play in a phonebooth and smack the ever-loving crap out of everything that moves. The Bengals are a very good team, but can they handle the aerial assault the Packers bring on a short week? Nope.

Pick: Green Bay 24, Cincinnati 20

St. Louis Rams at Dallas Cowboys (-4)

We got a close look at this Cowboys team last Sunday. Dallas is  certainly a quality team, and coming back home after a tough loss. The Rams find themselves in a tough spot. This game reeks of Tony Romo throwing for 400 yards and three touchdowns to send everyone talking about how unstoppable Dallas is. St. Louis is hitting a buzzsaw.

Pick: Dallas 34, St. Louis 17

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New England Patriots (-9)

This is the scene right now in Tampa Bay. Greg Schiano has lost complete control of the team, and Josh Freeman has lost complete control of his passes. Despite Tom Brady's receivers playing like they don't have hands, New England is going to destroy this divided team.

Pick: New England 23, Tampa Bay 10

Cleveland Browns at Minnesota Vikings (-6)

Both squads are 0-2. For Cleveland, the Brandon Weeden experience has been more torture than having to watch Two and a Half men on a loop. Now the fans get Brian Hoyer. God Bless. In Minnesota, Christian Ponder continues to inspire nobody except the opposition's defense, leaving Adrian Peterson to fend for himself. In a game like this, take the home team.

Pick: Minnesota 17, Cleveland 13

Atlanta Falcons at Miami Dolphins (-1)

I have to be honest, I thought Miami was going to blow. Turns out, Ryan Tannehill and the fellas are playing well. The Dolphins are going to be tough against a Falcons team that has key injuries along the lines and to Steven Jackson. Could this be 3-0?

Pick: Miami 23, Atlanta 20

Buffalo Bills at New York Jets (-1)

EJ Manuel showed anybody paying attention that he can play in the NFL these first two weeks. Geno Smith is yet to prove that, despite winning in his debut. Buffalo is not very good, but it is better than the Jets who will struggle to score points all year.

Pick: Buffalo 17, New York 13

Jacksonville Jaguars at Seattle Seahawks (-19)

Jacksonville fans are looking like this these days before, after and during games. No team has been more of a dog than the Jaguars, who appear to be aiming for an 0-16 season dressed as a team from the future. Seattle on the other hand is a Super Bowl favorite coming off a 29-3 beatdown of the 49ers. Letdown city! Doesn't matter!

Pick: Seattle 34, Jacksonville 0

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Indianapolis Colts at San Francisco 49ers (-11.5)

This is a huge line, but perhaps justified. San Francisco is going to want to make a statement after having its pants pulled down in Seattle. Plus, Indianapolis looked horrible at home in its first two games, barely beating the Raiders before losing to the Dolphins. Andrew Luck will not be enough to overcome all the Colts' deficiencies in this one.

Pick: San Francisco 34, Indianapolis 21

Chicago Bears (-2.5) at Pittsburgh Steelers

The NFL tends to be a very funny place. Pittsburgh looks incredibly dead in the water with no running game and a bad offensive line. The walls are caving in and here come the Bears into Heinz Field to put them in the deep-freeze. For some reason, I have a feeling the proud men in black and gold come up big at home one more time.

Pick: Pittsburgh 24, Chicago 20

Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos (-16.5)

There is not a single reason to look at this game and think, "Dear God, the humanity." Oakland is lucky if this isn't a massive embarrassment by the second quarter. Denver has way to many weapons and the Raiders don't have a sngle defensive back worth anything beyond Charles Woodson, who is pretty washed up.

Pick: Denver 42, Oakland 17

Last week: 12-4 straight-up

Season: 18-13

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