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The Kansas City Chiefs winning formula

The Kansas City Chiefs have that winning formula. After a 2-0 start we're starting to piece together what the KC Chiefs do well and what they can do to continue winning. Read on for a few thoughts from NFL Network's Bucky Brooks, along with the Chiefs winning formula. Read Brooks' full piece on here.

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No. 3 stands out to me. That's how a less talented team can make the playoffs. Just don't turn the ball over, score when gifted good field position and don't beat yourself with dumb penalties. That, to me, is the ideal formula for Andy Reid this year.

I know, I know, every team wants to avoid turnovers and every team wants to score in the red zone and every team wants to keep penalties to a minimum. But the Chiefs are actually doing these things.

No turnovers through two games is terrific. Probably the most important stat, right? Besides the whole 2-0 record thing. This is one of the biggest indicators for wins and losses in the NFL. Don't turn it over and you're more than likely going to be competing for the playoffs. The Chiefs are doing a great job here. I'd like to point out that I once said the Chiefs are playoff-worthy as long as they don't screw it up (like turnovers).

5-for-5 in the red zone is also great to see. Remember when this was a huge problem for the Chiefs? They even drafted Jon Baldwin three years ago because they needed red zone help. That's how long it's been a problem. This is just a great stat to see, one of my personal favorites.

Just three penalties against the Jaguars. And just one penalty in the first three quarters against Dallas ... it was a bad fourth quarter for penalties with nine.

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