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Andy Reid on his return to Philly: 'I don't plan on thinking about that'

The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Dallas Cowboys last Sunday and in just four quick days they'll be in Philly playing the Eagles. The biggest story line this week is of course Andy Reid's return to Philly. Will he take the bait and comment on what it will be like? Read on to find out, along with other updates from the Chiefs head coach on a Monday conference call.

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Returning to Philly

"In this business you'e focused in on getting your team ready to play so that's where my energy is going to go. I haven't thought about that other part at all. I don't necessarily plan on thinking about that. I want to make sure that I concentrate on the game at hand and that's anything else it becomes a distraction and I'm not going to allow that to happen."

The fans

"The fans are phenomenal. When you walk off the field, and you go underneath the stadium, the fans are right there. So they are very excited, and we were very excited about the win."

Feeling rejuvenated in KC

"The barbecue is great," Reid said of being in Kansas City. "I enjoy coaching No. 1. I'm fortunate to have a tremendous owner and not that I didn't in Philadelphia, I had Jeff Lurie, he was top notch. I have a great owner here in Clark and these players and coaches are they have just busted their tails to do well, and I appreciate that part of it."

How close is Travis Kelce to being healthy?

With Anthony Fasano's ankle injury, the health of Travis Kelce is important. Kelce had just one special teams snap on Sunday. Where is he right now, health-wise?

"We just take it day by day," Reid said of Kelce. "He has a sore knee and a little swelling in there. We've tried to back down on him a little bit so he can get that out of there. We'll see how all this goes. I don't really have an answer for you right this minute. It's a quick turnaround. We're just trying to piece it all together right now."


Branden Albert has an AC sprain, which is a shoulder sprain. Some have had that and played, while others have sat. It's a good sign Albert did return to the game and only missed four snaps. He should be fine.

James-Michael Johnson has a neck strain. Funny moment: Reporters on the Andy Reid conference call were confused over which Johnson was hurt. I am 12 years old and I laughed.

Travis Kelce still has the bone bruise on his knee as mentioned above.

Brandon Flowers has inflammation on his knee, but he should be OK.

Anthony Fasano has an ankle sprain.

Dunta Robinson is back and will be available. He missed last week to be with his cousin, who was hit by a car.

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