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Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs News 9/15

Game Day!! ARROWHEAD!!! Welcome home. Here is your Kansas City Chiefs news. Go Chiefs!!!

Jamie Squire

Anticipations Of 2013 Arrowhead Experience from The Mothership

Defensive Coordinator - Bob Sutton

"Having been here once before as an opposing coach, when it was sold out, I know that it can get really loud and I'm hoping it's louder than I remember. We have great fans. Kansas City is one of the places that when you're starting out in the National Football League, they'll tell you that's one of the great places to go and play. I'm really looking forward to it and I think our players are too, obviously. It should be a good atmosphere. As always, we'll take any help we can get. If they can make it hard on that offense and make the noise level rise, that'd be awesome."

Clark Hunt Grew With Chiefs Through 'Toughest Year' from KC Star

"First of all, we as a family and I as a leader are in this business to win championships. And that's it," Hunt said. "We're not in the business to go through motions; we're not in the business just to be part of the NFL. It is to win championships.

"So anytime we don't win a championship, we're disappointed. Now when you have a hard year like we did last year, it's particularly difficult. Certainly, the fan base, the football team, the coaching staff, everyone who works for the Chiefs was very, very disappointed."

But who could be more disappointed and have more to lose, really, than Hunt, the guardian of what he must consider a sacred trust?

Sam Mellinger: Chiefs' Houston's Rise Built On Less Talk And More Work from KC Star

In the privacy of the Chiefs' locker room, coach Andy Reid announced the award and let Houston say a few words. By all accounts, he used every one of them to thank his teammates. This is the way Houston talks about football - I couldn't have done it without my teammates.

Once in front of the news media, a radio reporter asks Houston about himself and the answer is 20 words long. When a TV reporter asks Houston about Hali, the answer is 41 words long.

This is how Houston prefers things. Simple. Focused on others.

Inside The Lines: Chiefs vs Cowboys from The Mothership

"We're very excited to open the 2013 season at home against the Dallas Cowboys," Hunt noted. "We don't get to play them every year, so anytime we do play them, it's a very big deal. In addition, to have this game be our home opener is very special. We are going to have a jam-packed house on Sunday and I can't think of a better team that I would rather the Chiefs beat, to go to 2-0, than the Dallas Cowboys." Video: Arrowhead - The Home Of A Kingdom Video: Focus Point: Week 2 Video: Coaches Corner: Week 2 Video: Determination - A Fixed Purpose

Home Opener Forecast from The National Weather Service

A chance of showers and thunderstorms, mainly after noon. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 84. South southwest wind 5 to 10 mph. Chance of precipitation is 50%. New rainfall amounts of less than a tenth of an inch, except higher amounts possible in thunderstorms.

Arrowhead Stadium Beckons Reid As Kansas City Chiefs Host Dallas Cowboys from The Associated Press via The Amarillo Globe-News

Andy Reid remembers the first time he took a team into Arrowhead Stadium, back when he was the coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. He could barely hear his own voice.

Today, Reid gets to be the beneficiary of all that noise.

A Look At How The Dallas Cowboys And Kansas City Chiefs Matchup from The Dallas Morning News

Much is made of the supposed home-field advantage Kansas City's crowd creates for the Chiefs. Arrowhead is regarded as one of the loudest stadiums in the NFL. But visiting teams have had success there. Since 2000, the Chiefs are 54-50 at Arrowhead. Twenty teams, including the Cowboys, have better winning percentages on their home field during the same period. Dallas, which is 2-2 against the Chiefs at Kansas City, shouldn't be intimidated.

Edge: Cowboys

Cowboys Preparing For Noisy Kansas City from NBC DFW

Garrett knows the tidal wave of noise the Cowboys have awaiting them in Kansas City.  Sunday is both the Chiefs home opener and the Arrowhead Stadium debut of new head coach Andy Reid and quarterback Alex Smith.  Through good times and bad, the stadium on the Kansas-Missouri border has maintained a reputation as one of the best home field advantages in the NFL.

And now, with a home team considered a dark horse playoff contender with the aforementioned Reid and Smith leading the charge?  Bring your earplugs.

Dallas Cowboys' Keys To Victory Against Kansas City Chiefs from The Dallas Morning News

The player with the second-best passer rating last season in the face of blitzes wasn't Peyton Manning or Tom Brady or even Aaron Rodgers. It was Alex Smith, the Chiefs quarterback who started nine games for San Francisco in 2012. When teams sent at least one extra defender to harass him, Smith completed 50 of 69 attempts for 611 yards and seven touchdowns against only one interception. Only Washington's Robert Griffin III fared better than Smith when the pressure was cranked up. Smith, who is mobile, must be contained. But he has shown he can beat the blitz.

Cowboys vs. Chiefs: Five To Watch For KC from Warpaint Illustrated

Though I've stated before, it's critical the Chiefs put the hammer down on the Cowboys early and often. With a road contest just four days away at Philadelphia in KC's only primetime game of the season, the last thing Reid needs is a game that's long and drawn out.

The Cowboys have their flaws and nearly all of them were exposed at home last weekend against the Giants. That alone should position Reid to out coach his counterpart on the opposing sidelines, Jason Garrett.

Matchup To Watch: Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant vs. Kansas City Chiefs CB Brandon Flowers from The Dallas Morning News

On Sunday, Bryant is expected to face off with Brandon Flowers, one of the best in his trade in the NFL. Last season, rated only six cornerbacks better than Flowers. This season, he has made one interception and allowed only three of the 10 passes thrown his direction to be completed. Still, at 6-foot-2, Bryant should have the advantage over the 5-9 Flowers if he is the only defender covering the Cowboys receiver.

Source: Dunta Robinson Likely Out from ESPN

Robinson, who has not yet officially been ruled out, missed practice all week after Chiefs coach Andy Reid excused him to attend to an undisclosed family matter.

According to the source, Robinson rushed home to be with a first cousin, who has lapsed into a coma and requires the assistance of a breathing machine after being struck by a vehicle.

Why Being The 'World's Loudest Stadium' Is A Bad Idea from NBC News

Seattle Seahawks fans like to boast that theirs is the noisiest stadium in the world. On Sunday, they'll get their chance to prove it: A Guinness World Records representative will be at CenturyLink to measure the decibel level of Seahawks fans as their team plays rivals San Francisco 49ers. It's the end result of a showdown with the Kansas City Chiefs, who have also long claimed bragging rights for their Arrowhead Stadium as the world's loudest sports facility.

While the goal of a roaring crowd may be about whipping fans into a greater frenzy and "intimidating" the opposing teams and players, as a KC Chiefs Facebook fan page claims, it's not only a bad idea for fans' hearing -- it doesn't really help the home team, experts say.

For Cowboys' Brandon Carr, Return To Kansas City May Carry Load Of Emotions from The Fort Worth Star-Telegram

When he steps off the bus and onto the Arrowhead Stadium parking lot Sunday, Brandon Carr will know exactly where he is - the smells, the sights, the sounds will all hit him at once, he predicts.

But how will he feel?

"I don't know how it's going to feel," he said. "I haven't been back to Kansas City since I left to come here after the free-agency process. I may have some goose bumps and chills going in there."

Key Matchup In Sunday's Cowboys-Chiefs Game from The Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Cowboys C Travis Frederick vs. Chiefs NT Dontari Poe: Poe got rave reviews for his dominating performance against Jacksonville last week, racking up six tackles, 1.5 sacks, two quarterback hurries and a pass knockdown.

Spotlight Coaching Matchup: Dallas Cowboys OC Bill Callahan vs. Chiefs DC Bob Sutton from The Dallas Morning News

Bill Callahan and Bob Sutton used to work together on the same New York Jets coaching staff. On Sunday, they'll try to outwit each other. Callahan's Cowboys offense will face Sutton's Kansas City defense.

"Having been with him for four years, he's a great coach and I don't think anybody knows the game better than Bob does," said Callahan, Dallas' offensive coordinator.

Cowboys' Ware Has Presence Without Getting Tackle from The Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier

DeMarcus Ware's first game as a defensive end for Dallas started with an interception and ended without a tackle - or a sack.

There's little question the star pass rusher for the Cowboys had a presence in a 36-31 victory over the New York Giants. And the Kansas City Chiefs will always know where Ware is when they come to the line of scrimmage Sunday.

Pondering The 46: Cowboys Heavy On D from ESPN

As we ponder the 46-man roster for Week 2, Spencer's health and the Chiefs' ability to run the ball would seem to give Jerome Long the edge for the final roster spot on game day. Long can play end and tackle and the Cowboys will keep Spencer's snap-count low.

Cowboys Fans Must Give Wins A Huge Hug from The Fort Worth Star-Telegram

As opposed to the opener, where the Giants were playing from behind and repeatedly airing it out with Eli, the defensive scheme should shift heavily in the direction of linebackers Sean Lee and Bruce Carter.

Both are studs, so that's a favorable run-stopping directional shift for the Cowboys' defense.

On paper, this game plays out as somewhat low-scoring out of respect for an underrated Kansas City defense.

If the Chiefs reach the 20s on the scoreboard, it's likely they will prevail.

Cowlishaw: Cowboys' Tony Romo Must Turn His Edge In Talent Into September Victories from The Dallas Morning News

Romo is more likely to open the throttle against Kansas City than he did Sunday night. That should mean more throws to Bryant down the field, and it won't be a surprise if the rookie Terrance Williams is set up for a big play or two in single coverage.

But we know what can happen with Romo when the green light is given. The yards come quickly and so can the turnovers. His 19 interceptions last season matched his career high set in 2007, his first full season as a starter. That shouldn't happen with a veteran quarterback in the middle of his career. Writers Share Their Game 2 Gut Feeling from

This year, the Chiefs could be this year's Seahawks - or at least that's how they're being portrayed around Dallas this week. With Andy Reid taking over as head coach, Alex Smith now at quarterback with a host of good, young players around him, the Chiefs could be this year's sleeper team in the NFL.

Here are the gut feelings for staff writers Nick Eatman, Bryan Broaddus, David Helman and Rowan Kavner.

LCC's Lynch Calls Number Retirement 'Overwhelming' from

After graduation, Lynch was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs where he played for 11 seasons before retiring to private business in Kansas City.

A Super Bowl IV win over Minnesota was an obvious highlight of Lynch's time with the Chiefs. Lynch, Willie Lanier, and Bobby Bell formed one of the best linebacking trios ever to play in the NFL.

"You wish you could have that wonderful moment back," Lynch said of the Super Bowl. "It was kind of unfair to Minnesota in that we (the Chiefs defense) only had to prepare for two formations while they had to prepare for the multiple formations that coach Hank Straham used.

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