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Posterized: Doubletime

Check out the latest Chiefs painting by artist Chris Sembower, featuring Justin Houston and Dontari Poe!

Feels good to be back at it for the season! And boy, what a game to start with.

We begin this painting season with a couple of obvious choices: sackmasters Dontari Poe and Justin Houston.

This will be the first painting featured in my acrylic print giveaway this year. I'll have more details tomorrow on how to enter & win. So definitely be on the lookout for that, those of you who have asked about prints!

Also, as some of you know, next Wednesday is the screening of Derrick Thomas' "A Football Life" episode on NFL Network. The Chiefs are holding a little shindig at the North Club at Arrowhead at 6:30, and I'll be attending. I will also be donating a print of the man himself to the Derrick Thomas | Neil Smith Third & Long Foundation silent auction. This will be a pretty special opportunity for someone to purchase one of my prints, as well as contribute to a good cause. Tickets are $35 and all proceeds go to the Foundation. I'm looking forward to seeing the episode and mingling with anyone who shows up. Should be fun!

As always, you can check all the detail out on my Facebook page, or hop over to my site to download an appropriately sized wallpaper.

Hopefully these guys make next week just as easy on me.

Go Chiefs


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